SolidWorks Sheet Metal: Custom Form Tools – SolidWorks Tutorial by SolidWize

Check out hundreds of SolidWorks Tutorials at This SolidWorks training video will take you through creating custom form tools, for use with sheet metal components. To…

15 Responses to SolidWorks Sheet Metal: Custom Form Tools – SolidWorks Tutorial by SolidWize

  1. Arne Boberg says:

    I cannot get this to work. It asks me if I want to add a derived part. I
    renamed the folder to “Forming Tools Folder” and “Form Tools Folder” and
    neither worked. I’d be happy to make the form tool a form-tool type part,
    but I have not found a way (through my SW lessons) or on the internet as to
    how to modify a form-tool type part. I think your video is very sneaky in
    that you are hiding the file type of your form tool. Because of that, your
    video provides no value to me.

  2. Daniel Tremblay says:

    +SolidWize is it possible to create a swage affect to a cylinder… like
    bumping out a radius (plumbing fitting or something to that effect)?
    Thanks… Great video

  3. elless27 says:

    Good tutorial and to the point. Thanks

  4. Ascent eng says:

    Please send some one email id,So that i will send my complete forming
    insert inquiry which we not able to procure .10Milloin business in a year.

  5. Jaksa Maric says:

    +SolidWize Thanks for that tip, I had issues bringing in the form tool as

  6. Andrew Lane says:

    great Video. However, you did not save the part as a Form tool (.sldftp)
    which is why Alejandra is having a problem. If you save this as a form tool
    then it works perfectly!

  7. SolidWize says:

    Go into the design library folder in the task pane. Right click on the
    folder where you store your forms tools and set that folder as a form tools
    folder. Otherwise it thinks you’re trying to bring in another part.

  8. Istanbulgeek says:

    That’s what I thought exactly.

  9. SolidWize says:

    That would be one way to do it, but you can also just design it with normal
    features. You can’t flatten a form tool in SolidWorks, so it doesn’t really
    make much of a difference.

  10. Evan Dlugopolski says:

    Anyone know how to what to do about my design library not having a default
    location? it gives me an error saying there is no default design library
    save location. subsequently i cant pull form tools into sheet metal parts
    because i have nothing in my design library

  11. tkzsfen says:

    it’s so easy to use solidworks..if you know how to use it 🙂

  12. Alejandra Valencia says:

    When I drag mi forming tool into the part I want to form the following
    shows: Are you trying to make a derived part? And no features of the
    forming tool are available. Help please!

  13. joshmnky says:

    Is this how I would design a part that I planned on having deep drawn?

  14. jbelle7435 says:

    Great Video. Its not like your turning 3 steps(extrude, cuts, etc) into 1.
    Your doing it how it would be made in the real world! More work 1st is less
    work later as well.

  15. SolidWize says:

    Show hidden folders in window. Then go to your C: drive and find the
    program data folder. Then go to solidworks>solidworks (year)>design
    library. Set this as the location from “file locations” in the options.
    Alternatively resetting your settings should work to.

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