Metal Bending Tool

Metal Bending Tool I usually make one buckle set at a time every once in a while but the other day I had several cowboy buckle sets to make so I decided it w…
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7 Responses to Metal Bending Tool

  1. Brian Wynn says:

    Belt buckle and loops at the end of this video are very well done new
    subscriber here 

  2. Brian Wynn says:

    did you also make the sander you were using at the start of the video,
    Great video 

  3. Bruce Cheaney says:

    Thank You for your comment… Bruce

  4. libertarianbastard says:

    Thank you, sir.

  5. 123milkbone says:

    i have never seen shop made belt buckles like this, sharp, i do like, be
    good and be blessed

  6. NMranchhand says:

    Very clever indeed. I’m grateful you decided to share; gives me lots of
    ideas. I especially like the micro-adjustible roller positioning devices. I
    really over think stuff.

  7. valveman12 says:

    Hi Bruce; Great video. I like making my own tools as well. I can see lots
    of uses for your bender. Thank you for sharing.

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