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A Beanbag Robot Hand That Works Insanely Well
But even in the furthest out visions of the future, you'd be hard pressed to find a robotic hand that doesn't look like a metallic copy of our humble, human mitts. Roboticist John Amend has developed a new gripper called Versaball that challenges the …
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Wireless Power
The varying field can cause heating in local metallic elements, and lower frequencies heat things up more than high frequencies do. So WiTricity opted … WiTricity has demonstrated viability through the reference design, and tools are available …
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The Lightweight Body of 2015 Ford F150 Could Lead to Higher Repair and
The problem is that repairing aluminum body panels like the ones on the 2015 Ford F150 requires body shops to have special tools and special training. The tools used to fix a steel fender or door cannot safely be used to fix that same panel made out of …
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