How to Cut Metal Without Traditional Metal Cutting Tools – Kevin Caron

How to Cut Metal Without Traditional Metal Cutting Tools - Kevin Caron

From – In response to a viewer from Kuwait, artist Kevin Caron gives several “work arounds” for cutting metal as thick as 1/8″ with…
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  1. 2nd Chance says:

    Well I use my jigsaw to cut a piece of metal roofing yesterday and it work
    just fine no fires no missing fingers:-) Ha most of all no lawsuits

  2. gerald estes says:

    thanks kevin.

    a reciprocol saw might be kinda coarse for thin stuff due to blade set ‘up
    cut’: ive used one for 19mm boiler plate (and also recycle alloy ingots
    approx. 4 x 10) combined w/ a dribble bottle – time consuming but the edge
    is easy enough to square up with a hand file; preferred ‘reversed blade’
    insertion for hand held > the front casting of buddies spit completely off
    (the greasiest mess ive ever been a witness too) after relying on the the
    tools’foot’ feature. carpal tunnel might be an issue for some, i deemed it
    therapy after a day bellying up to a 125# hammer.

    a paper cutter for thins; a foot shear will do the softer alloys stocks
    accuratly up to about 1/8th and when i just cant take it anymore i put
    stuff like 4″ x 1/4″ in a sturdily mounted vise and bend it back and forth
    till it and any means of accuracy falls off…

  3. Carl Saberhagen says:

    Lawsuit! Lawsuit! Lawsuit! But seriously, metal cutting requires slower
    speeds than wood cutting. For example, a wood saw spins at around 7000rpm,
    while a 10″ cold cut blade has a MAX spin rating of 500rpm.

  4. John Rambo says:

    I want to be there when that blade explodes in your table saw. I’ll even
    bring a mop for the blood.

  5. Daniel Napast says:

    Using an abrasive blade on a table saw is terrifying you feel like you are
    going to burn your garage down because of the volcano of sparks, great
    video by the way

  6. TheOverGun TheOverGun says:

    kermit the frog teaches you how to cut a pipe

  7. Michael .Hanson says:

    Will a chain saw work?

  8. TheGibberishGlitcher says:

    Flange wizard tools on pipe….. really?

  9. Mack Boyce says:

    I am 14 and have tons of “woodworking” tools. Thank you so much for showing
    me how I can use those with me new hobby, metal working 

  10. gyrfalcon16 says:

    Now you just need to figure out how to post videos on youtube with audio
    that’s not messed up and single channel.

  11. Fock Guugle says:

    three mm? …is what?
    I do 6mm U-steel boom with the yellow thing and metal blades.
    Like the magnet options.

  12. kreamysoaps says:

    How about a router with a metal cutting bit?? Thanks for the education!

  13. kalevraa says:

    nicely done.

  14. Omar Galvez says:

    You didn’t actually show anything!! ):

  15. Lian Sang says:

    Thanks for your help

  16. cranebeg says:

    Thanks Terry 

  17. Bobby Gee says:

    Great video!

  18. Casey Lockwood says:

    Man this guy is cool. Great info, thanks!

  19. donald laisure says:

    Nibber u can see 

  20. broken188 says:

    Extremely dangerous to cut 1/8″ plate on a table saw

  21. Jerome Werth says:

    Here’s an extremely low tech way of making a hole in plate. Step 1:Drill a
    series of smaller holes, very closely spaced, all along the edge of the
    hole that you want. Step 2: try to support the metal outside of the
    desired hole in some way (not necessary, but it helps.) Step 3: Knock the
    slug out of the hole. Step 4: File/die grind the excess away until the
    hole is as desired.

  22. Hector Arrieta says:

    I need to cut a 6 inch hole in my truck bed will any of those work? 

  23. Ob Fuscated says:

    Angle grinders with cutting wheels are popular for good reason. I use 6″
    minimum wheel diameter for the surface speed boost over small wheels. I
    also use 6″ cutting wheels in my Milwaukee skilsaw. I’ve made a 2ft cut in
    3/8″ thick steel plate (it took a while and several disks) with a 6″ Metabo
    grinder. The limit is either how soon you get tired or the grinder
    overheats. Be gentle on the grinder and guide it rather than force things.
    A face shield and ear plugs are what to wear.

  24. Kevin Caron says:

    I used to have an old craftsmen table saw that was set up for metal. Build
    several off road cars with it. Roll cages, gussets and such. Not too much
    long sheet cuts. Maybe two foot at the most. Was a little scary at first
    but once I put the guard back on to stop most of the sparks it was like
    cutting really hard wood. Just have to go slow and pay attention.

  25. Kevin Caron says:

    I can try to send you some cutoff wheels from here if you need.

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