Could human remains found during roadwork be a Finch?

Could human remains found during roadwork be a Finch?
He carefully digs, sifts and sweeps the soil with a metal detector, ensuring that nothing is missed before he turns the land over again to the Department of Transportation to continue with the expansion of State Highway 26. Kubicek, an archaeologist …
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Forget 3D printing—3D subtraction is going to arrive in your garage first
Instead of using a computer to control a basic armature and print head that deposits plastic or some other material in three dimensions, CNC routing uses a spinning drill bit to carve wood, metal or plastic. It's the difference between making a …
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Teamwork Rules the Day at Southern Pines Fire Academy
Fire extinguishers, hoses, water sprinklers, knotted ropes, blindfolds, metal buckets and plenty of water. Those were some of the tools 18 children used to test their teamwork and fire safety skills Thursday during the final day of the youth fire …
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