CGU’s Gary the Bricklayer puts the U in CGU

Gary the Bricklayer 2010 TV ad for CGU Insurance. Lyrics: My name is Gary, And I’m a bricklayer. The best in town, maybe even Australia. I’ll build you a hou…
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25 Responses to CGU’s Gary the Bricklayer puts the U in CGU

  1. BrotherTree1 says:

    Todd Sampson: “It’s so bad, its good….but not quite…” BAHAHAHAHAH. What
    a Gold ad lol

  2. frankovich213 says:

    Lol, The music and the way he raps the second part of the song is
    copying/parodying the Flight Of The Conchords song ‘BOOM’. Funny shite.

  3. rockpoplop222 says:

    lol i like died of laughter when he was in the toliet

  4. everyonesunited says:


  5. bneevild says:

    14 second mark im sure they say( fuckups ensure i got to do it right )
    thought they would of picked up on it on the transfer!

  6. warhammerkaos says:

    ” i work in a singlet so fathers lock up your daughters”

  7. AussieFlush says:

    ROFL @ fail breakdancing guy XD

  8. James Searle says:

    Love it fellas!

  9. Watty1996 says:

    seriously? i thought they were professional actors :O

  10. Mark Godbee says:

    Lyrics: My name is Gary, And I’m a bricklayer. The best in town, maybe even
    Australia. I’ll build you a house, using bricks and mortar. And I work in a
    singlet, Fathers, lock up your daughters. REWIND! I got all my tools on the
    building site, If I got to insure I got to do it right. C’MON My tools, my
    ute, my shorts, my blue heeler. Who’ll help me out if somebody stealed her.
    Whoever you are: Gary Whatever you do: Bricklayer. We put the ‘U’ in CGU

  11. CokeLiftFantaMan says:

    I tell ya what’s hillarious I got a mate his name’s Garry and he’s a
    bricklayer! LOL XD

  12. miksheeho says:

    That’s awsome boys flying the flag high 4 brickies all over

  13. towrong1 says:

    At 12 seconds it sounds like he’s yelling out RIEWOLDT!! And yeah it sounds
    like ‘fuck up to insure’.

  14. Rambler342 says:

    i remember at school everyone was singing this we used to break in the
    middle of english and just singing this song our teacher got so pissed

  15. joshcena33 says:

    I like the original Gary vidoe better 😛

  16. tommyshiba says:

    Sounds like says fuck up to insure

  17. Flamesofthunder says:

    Anyone notice the master at 0:18 ?

  18. timtama1 says:

    definately swears

  19. toddy20inch says:

    hahha this was my job in northlakes brisbane.. theyre just all gay actors..

  20. Suong Doan says:

    LOL awesome! The dog is so cute!

  21. says:

    I didn’t know the Sniper from Team Fortress 2 was into hip-hop.

  22. blues10ify says:

    The guy who stars as Gary is very talented I have seen him around noble
    park. The only let down in this ad is the poor quality of the skip bin at
    the end of the ad. It’s made from cardboard

  23. frozenchampion says:

    my name is gary and im just a brick layer BIGGEST ROFL !

  24. mrdanielcroker says:


  25. haakuzz says:

    0:19 my house 🙂

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