Bricklayer – Working in Canada

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24 Responses to Bricklayer – Working in Canada

  1. Adam Turnbull says:

    I don’t get the criticism either. If you’ve ever built with brick its time
    consuming, messy and wasteful. This helps immeasurably. He should also
    make a quick video on how to mix the perfect mortar the way the pros do

  2. uramalakia says:

    It’s kind of sad that a bunch of self-proclaimed professional brick layers
    commenting here are failing to comprehend that this is meant for people who
    don’t have 20 years of brick laying experience but just want to try brick
    laying out or are starting out in the craft…

  3. Wizdomtrek says:

    Genius, hate to use that word in this context but …..GENIUS. I want to
    build a brick wall :))

  4. Sergey Kazantsev says:

    Ok, I like it though. I’m a Russian, live in US. Still wanna crack the
    English language nut.

  5. Bel Rick says:

    WTF That is not a kiwi accent. Sounds more scottish.

  6. FLORINOID says:

    that is diy tool.i m bricklayer and i m agree with you

  7. xxrobxx90 says:

    fuckin legend! u can giv tha man stick 4 whatever bu u cant giv tha
    invention stick! pure fuckin class!

  8. cleric022684 says:

    @uzell100 Why you trollling here?…..would that be because he actually
    invented something people can buy and will live happy from the royalties,
    work free for the rest of his life, and you?…working whole life labouring
    could not come up with that idea first…I think the tool is not that bad
    if you ever decide that you actually need to build from bricks and it will
    take a job out from the overpriced arrogant British and Irish builders
    whose good times has finally came to an end.

  9. GAZZA WAZZA says:

    I bought one of these a week ago. I’m now working in Southall building

  10. thomhong1 says:

    This looks very promising for the HUGE DIY market. Of course, Pros would
    never use this…. and I am sure they were never considered the target
    market. I don’t quite understand the criticism of this product. I would
    definately like to give this a try !

  11. UGOTHAMMERED says:

    what a waste of time. its a cheaaters way out. any “decent brickie” can
    spread a decent enough bed and butter bricks up 10 mil

  12. Van Ram says:


  13. hornegolf says:

    If I had to lay some bricks I would want one . It makes laying bricks look
    easy .

  14. Sergey Kazantsev says:

    Weird accent. Are you from New Zeland or something?

  15. Sammamishwa says:

    ALL BRICK LAYERS should use this, definitely speed up work, hire a kid to
    lay down the mortar and the mason sets the brick. they don’t have to tap it
    down 5 times to get it level, its done in one step! fast fast fast

  16. jakergore says:

    i get the bed bricky but the perp bricky is abit over the top

  17. Iky Mo says:


  18. greg armstrong says:

    hes irish, im scottish lol

  19. Mark Hindle says:

    I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would slate this product
    its inspiring and genius innovation

  20. Franscisco Aguiar says:

    Gostaria muito de comprar esse produto aqui no Brasil…será isso possível?

  21. Aiyic says:

    @uzell100 The point of this tool to aid those who don’t know have the
    skill. Guess you knew that though! By the way, it’s ‘should’ve’, not should

  22. hectorriva1007 says:

    Imagine arsing around with that thing any professional who turned up on a
    site would be ridiculed if they had to use one. A trained bricklayer will
    do exactly the same job with the traditional method faster than this with
    this contraption! Ok for DIYers but people who do it professionally for a
    living can see right through this gimmick.

  23. aimettie says:

    dude this is fuckking garbage, we get paid per brick mate, not per hour.
    this will take an extra 3hrs of our day, everyday, tghis cunt is a fucken
    spastic ahahahahahah stupid cunt

  24. Tales Holanda says:

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