Brick & Plastering Trowel Round-up

What do you look for when buying a brick or plastering trowel? There are a lot of makes around, many coming out of China, and a lot look very similar if not …


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  1. SHANE LEDDY says:

    Rose trowels also make a low shank trowel, which looks really good,if you
    have tennis elbow, less strain as you load the trowel on the front end, I
    have used rose trowels and they are very good.

  2. TopCatsBack says:

    the most important thing you look for is the price dont lie brickys

  3. SHANE LEDDY says:

    Ragni crown 10inch make a great trowel for any brickies who suffer from
    tennis elbow, like I do, highly recommend

  4. bric bybrick says:

    i got an ox trowel a while back i think its a really good trowel .i was
    probably one of the first to comment on this video and think its a good
    video,the one down fall is we did not see any of the bricklayers lay brick
    or block with the trowels.

  5. Keith Roberts says:

    Should have included W. Rose Trowels. Best in America!!

  6. xxdeedee smith says:

    Where’s the nela and refina trowels. When you see made in Germany it

  7. PaddleDogC5 says:

    W. Rose is better than Marshallton and way more variety. 43 years as a fast
    bricklayer in NYC. Had a Brades & Tyzack 40 years ago and it was junk with
    no flex like WHS. Anything from China I would not hold in my hand. I’ll
    post some videos soon of a Rose at work.

  8. super trowel says:

    What about the wide London trowel an the Philly trowels?????

  9. bric bybrick says:

    turns out, as you know they are known by most people in the uk and ireland
    as hand saw manufacture,s they also made plastering trowels ,brick
    trowels,concrete edgers,file, dad and my brother always had them,by
    the way roger i had a go of one of those ragni philladelphia trowels a
    while back ,there a nice trowel,handle on them is very comfortable.dont
    think there selling to well you can pick them up fairly cheap online .it
    would be very hard to knock marshalltown from the top spot

  10. PartyRawkPartyRock says:

    This is it, Im subscribing.

  11. jcbairmaster73 says:

    Good for you,I like the Marshalltown London myself,I have other trowels I
    have picked up,fixed,rehomed all shapes and sizes for bodgers etc,and I
    like the softgrip WHS trowels too.But like “Marples” “Record” ,WHS is kept
    on as a name by big subsidiary companies who have kept the name,like
    “Tyzack”-my personal favourite from my late father’s day,those three Isle
    of man legs and JTS.but I do think the overall quality is very good.But it
    is true that many tradespeople now are not going for top of-

  12. jcbairmaster73 says:

    I knew you would raise that issue when I mentioned second hand tools.My
    friend,so many people are “packing in” in this game now,many older guys are
    coming up to retirement,I have been fortunate to come across a few,and buy
    gear from them,some younger guys too are realising that getting dirty,being
    cold and wet,wearing mucky clobber all day long,aint all they thought it
    was,and look toward a career in IT or sales instead and flog their
    tackle.It is power tools the thieves want nowadays.

  13. jcbairmaster73 says:

    the line tools anymore,I know many brickies,particulary those whose sole
    work is maintainance,like myself,who get some really good and consistent
    results from cheaper,own brand,builders merchant type trowels.Buy em,grind
    em up,nip the end off,take off the point-you are good to go! I bought two
    “Builders Brand” trowels a couple of weeks ago,a gauger and a pointer,they
    are invaluable now to me.And are becoming hard to get on the net even,so
    others must have gotten wise to them too.

  14. bric bybrick says:

    marshalltown trowels are the trowels bricklayers use in ireland ,around
    90percent would use 34/11 wide londons, the rest would use 19/11
    philadelphia,s,id say the reverse is true in the uk but im open to
    correction on that.i only know of one place in the uk that deal in
    kraft/w.rose tools.i know of no place in ireland that sell them,.in fact id
    say most brickies in ireland never even heard of them.

  15. Roger Bisby says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Always good to get the thumbs up from people in
    the industry.

  16. bric bybrick says:

    i know what you mean i have a trowel that my dad bought in the mid 70es to
    build our back garden walls, its made by draper, its stamped draper
    no.5310/11 japan, i was surprised when i cleaned it up and spotted japan
    stamped on it.i got on to that guy and bought the disston brick trowel i
    was telling you about it was made in the 1940es so its up around 70 yrs old
    never used.

  17. bric bybrick says:

    no bother roger.i would ent be to worried about reviewing the own brand
    trowels.i have a whs trowel and like the lad in the video i found the
    handle a little thin.a mate of mine brought me back the w.rose trowel from
    the usa its a narrow london .video on here called masonry work tools the
    guy is useing a rose trowel if u want to have a for the plasterers
    never saw a plasterer use any thing other than marshalltown over here.very
    nice video roger well done.

  18. jcbairmaster73 says:

    I have a Rose too,and a trowel which looks the spit of Marshalltown,but is
    marked “Disston” I thought these only made top quality saws,but they make
    other things apparently.There are some good tools out there,and we know
    that you always have gotten what you pay for,there are some really good
    cheap brands that are worth a look too.Draper as a brand, have come on in
    leaps and bounds in recent years.I tend to buy most of my tools second hand
    too,some real bargains out there,for reasonable money.

  19. RefrainCinema says:

    I am sure everyone loves this video, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Roger Bisby says:

    Are there any brickies out there who have noticed a change in cement
    lately. At Selfbuilder we are hearing stories of mortar not standing up to
    the weather and crumbling. Also concrete that is dusting up. It seems that
    some cement manufacturers have added up to 25 percent fly ash to their
    product just to bulk it out. No mention of this on the pack but it is
    there. We are keen to hear your comments.

  21. Hoàng Hiệp Vũ says:

    What made you think of this video?

  22. Thanh Nguyen says:

    This one is the Best by far

  23. jcbairmaster73 says:

    I,m renewing eaves to bungalows at present,and bedding onto the cement
    board with a really old cut down Tyzack,three legs in the centre,and the
    full name of John Tyzack,made in Sheffield.Looks like a big pointing
    trowel.started out as a capped brick trowel.I like Draper tools though,they
    have really come on some,I have a Rolson brick jointer too,just got it,and
    this tool is better than the Marshalltown jointer by a mile,you really
    should try one of these,cost more to post than buy in actual fact

  24. bric bybrick says:

    there was 2 disston brick trowels up for auction on ebay usa a while back
    none of them sold, the first one the guy put up was a nine inch, the second
    one was a 12 inch i think, both of them un used, i think they were 50 OR 60
    years old he relisted the bigger one a few times.if you google disston
    brick laying trowels and click images you will see a picture of it,

  25. Hoàng Hiệp Vũ says:

    …AMAIZING… Subscribed…

  26. Jayson Jowett says:

    Best thing in my tool box. Owned one for years. £30 well spent.

  27. zx6me1983 says:

    I don’t leave my trowel in the mud,and when laying open cell CMU, it never
    leaves my hand.

  28. age68 says:

    hmmm nice not bad bricky of25 yrs..but my new invention is better keep your
    eyes open for new type spot board coming..banker board .depending where u
    come from they call it different things

  29. PaddleDogC5 says:

    you should never take the trowel out of you hand but I guess not a bad idea
    for the unskilled.

  30. Kurt Vandenboer says:

    what the f*** !!! Now we can drink a beer while we working. good job!

  31. Trade Counter Direct says:

    @mustafazorlu Search for ‘Trade Counter Direct trowelmate’ in google and
    you’ll find it!

  32. raymondo2000 says:

    hey mace106 in australia we call ‘mortar’ mud. go away and enjoy your
    wonderful sunny country working outdoors and laying bricks, blocks what
    ever for really good money! oh yes and by the way dick head, we also use
    sand and cement and can you believe it sometimes limal, yes thats right
    limal! im sure some parts of africa use ‘mortar’ in bricklaying,dont be a
    smart arse you sad little boy! also peanut ive been a bricky for 22 years
    so i have “tried it some time” fuckwit

  33. whatsssupppp1 says:

    i like it

  34. oxcasual16 says:

    how do u mean? they look like 10s or 22s. it would be pretty hard to pick
    them up all day with 1 hand.

  35. tryburn7 says:

    freak’n it…

  36. TheTl1r says:

    Its great for the screen of your mobile, thats in your pocket too,as long
    as you like the screen blank from the magnetic force!

  37. Tyler Cannon says:

    Feel like killing the laborer!! LOL….but gota have someone to keep my
    company in my little area 😀

  38. mace106 says:

    @Chroniclogical420 mud you having a laugh, where are you from africa in
    england we use somthing called mortar a blend of sand and cement you should
    try it sometime

  39. nankness says:

    @MasterWelder1991 Thats not foundation, thats standard cavity walling in
    the UK

  40. Chris Hartley says:

    put a magnet in ya pocket

  41. TheAustralianMade says:

    Why? Because it’s not ‘old school’. You’ll notice old school brickies have
    fucked backs, knees and hands.

  42. jellybalboa says:

    i am a fat basterd and the belt they provide will not go round my waste,

  43. michaelflorida48 says:

    The “brickies” get payed for LAYING BRICK jackass, not building scaffold or
    mixing mud. If you can’t handle your job have your wife sew a diaper into
    your jeans. most masons would find this product annoying to hang a trowel
    on your side anyway so stop crying.

  44. shaun bramham says:

    been a bricklayer for 35 years never seen anything as stupid as this , why
    flick compo over yourself on purpose , that is what will happen .pick the
    block up with one hand ,or lay trowel on blocks layed you bloody nancy boy
    I suppose the village people are your labourers lollllllllllll

  45. corvettecentral says:

    @rodnewton Wher do you get American from?? Learn to speak English you
    illiterate arse!

  46. corvettecentral says:

    @rodnewton Go and crawl back under your rock!

  47. stugats77 . says:

    i live in australia how can i get one of these

  48. giodazip says:

    why is there no mortar tub/board in the corner? Why is the bricklayer have
    to walk 4 feet for mortar? By the way great idea on the magnet, but you
    need better mason tender’s.

  49. Trade Counter Direct says:

    Hi did you take out the all the spaces? or click the link to our website in
    the description and create an enquiry.

  50. odin655790 says:


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