Brick Laying and Masonry

Here is a video with some tips on how to lay 12 inch block
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  1. Stu Stewart says:

    Looks like he has an excellent laborer,,nice mud mix 🙂 I dont think i
    could lay block with a glove on my trowel hand,,its interesting back of
    trowel use,,,each is own,,double butter to time consuming,,hehe,,great job

  2. Tyler lautaimi says:

    theres more good than bad here. very clean! full head joints! laying TO the
    line when you can! almost no wasted movements! and laying with one hand
    instead of two! not bad… but why are you tapping so much? there 12’s the
    easiest block to lay, they lay themselfs. and if u buttered the block you
    lay with the mortar staright ,then you dont need to butter the block your
    laying. and why oh why are u spreading with the back of your trowel? your a
    mason not a plasterer! and the biggest thing put some pep in your step and
    hurry up! no one likes a slow mason!

  3. Gary Anthony says:

    This the right way to do it. This mason is class A.

  4. Robert Ralph says:

    Great skill!

  5. Barry Ott says:

    Must be non-union. A union guy would never bust his hump laying block this

  6. OneMoreSOB says:

    I’m not into masonry work but this was awesome. 

  7. Bricklayer Stone Mason says:

    Those must be light weight 12″. Or that is one beast of a blocklayer.

  8. Zach AnthonyK says:

    I found this really relaxing to watch for some odd reason ! 

  9. mikeysback70 says:

    This is how I have always liked to work….make every step count! It wears
    me out seeing a brickie walk 10 steps for their hammer ,then half-way down
    the wall for a twig & this and that.Stand in one place and get er done!
    lol Great video!

  10. Azeem M says:

    Ba Dum Tss!

  11. Raz Barlow says:

    My students love watching this video. He makes it look so easy but it’s
    not. He’s got real skills.

  12. Mete Mermer says:

    Real minecraft bitches :D

  13. SteelCity 412 says:

    This guy is a machine, hes not killing himself, yet he has a consistent
    pace that would make his boss some serious $$.

    Great mason

  14. blabby102 says:

    I searched for “tips on how to lay 12 inch cock”. How did I end up here?!

  15. Dover Ben says:

    I cant stand Jealous People… You cant give a guy credit for doing an
    Excellent Job.. He has honed this to His perfect liking not yours. Thanks
    for the Video you have given me Priceless advice =) 

  16. Zachary Bauer says:

    makes it look too easy!

  17. Brian Maynard says:

    For some reason, I’m mesmerized watching this guy work. I’m a builder and I
    really wished you worked in my area!

  18. Crystal Williams says:

    I find this very relaxing. I could sit in a field or at a construction site
    and watch this all day.

  19. mike stone says:

    I want to learn to lay like him. Im starting my first commercial block job
    tomorrow. Im a little nervous. I have laid some brick but not block

  20. kevin moreira says:

    no line or level but clean

  21. Anaera420 says:

    He’s a good player, a bit overated in my opinion. But defenitely okay to be
    in a top team! To say that he is one of the best solo layers etc is really
    exageration, he built like 10 walls in a high level LAN, you need way more
    to compare him to Bob the builder, Hermann Schäfer or Norm Abram

  22. dollcakes says:

    I hope they pay him what he’s worth. Top quality Brickie,

  23. 2chenz says:

    great skills and work ethic!

  24. jonash panas says:

    A very noble job, and the music is fine, too.

  25. John Hovan says:

    What size trowel is he using?

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