How to use a Soldering Iron

Can get all materials at Radio Shack.
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  1. Christopher Federici says:

    How did you make that fan?? Is that a Gatorade bottle, haha?

  2. uniiverselove says:

    Love your voice. Informative video, thanks! 

  3. Debbie Wyler says:

    Nicely done video, but remember to heat the material you are soldering with
    the solder iron, touch the solder to that metal and allow the metal to melt
    the solder. That will give you a much stronger solder joint.

  4. Laurie Bartels says:

    Thank you for your most helpful directions! We have now placed a fan in our
    soldering area. Your approach to soldering has truly simplified what had
    been a tedious process. Much easier to heat the solder than to heat the
    object being soldered.

  5. fleimification says:

    Completely wrong technique…

  6. thejimmycrack1 says:

    Thank you! Very helpful! :)

  7. Doug Goodrich says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the tips. You make it seem not so challenging. 

  8. paroutdiok says:


  9. Hans Háhn says:

    Please, how this filter is made?

  10. Oliver Trayler says:

    thanks dude this really helped!

  11. Design and Tech Nashrul says:

    wanna know more on how to solder ?? check this quick video enough to prep
    you up.

  12. Aiden Milewski says:

    .p.s. al in al I did subscribe to your channel

  13. John Doe says:

    Never carry solder to the joint like that…

  14. David Gray says:


  15. Master Joe says:

    But will it set off the smoke alarm? 

  16. athenasword1 says:

    thank you

  17. Aiden Milewski says:

    also if it’s not to much to ask could you subscribe to my channel it’s
    called “Aiden Milewski” please please please please please please

  18. Ram Will says:

    I got my iron in circles

  19. Aiden Milewski says:

    thanks man you helped a ton u rock thanks man cB

  20. Aiden Milewski says:

    thanks man you helped a ton u rock thanks man cB

  21. jill hord says:

    I really appreciate this as a jewelry design artist, I HAVE to learn how to
    use one of these gizmos instead of throwing the silver away and starting
    over. (Bezels..etc.). But I didn’t know Exactly how to solder and what that
    coil was for!!

  22. Влад Макаров says:

    В россии за такую кривую пайку указательный палец отрубают.

  23. Alex Novicov says:

    Actually helped me fix my flashlight, thanks! 

  24. Ebony Arts says:

    Oh its fine. Your video still helped with what I was trying to accomplish

  25. corbonzo1 says:

    no, you dont have to worry about it! just dont breath in the smoke! some
    simple common sense!

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