Collin’s Lab: Electronics Tools Get geared up for circuit-making- check out Collin’s list of tools no electronaut should be without!
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25 Responses to Collin’s Lab: Electronics Tools

  1. Miguel Angel says:

    This video was funny and entertainment.. thx. best of all the oil and
    talking pliers!!! hahahaha

  2. John Clavis says:

    Got everything except the vise… I should put that on my list…

  3. stargateeer says:

    this guy is funny…;)

  4. Noorquacker Ind. says:

    My tools can get annoying as my soldering iron bugs me to be careful when

  5. Marcin Wojciechowski says:

    hahaha…I love this guy ;)

  6. Liam Martin says:

    Tihs Sieres is Animazg!!!

  7. martin g. says:

    really you are weard

  8. Erick Alfonso Sánchez says:

    8:56 lol

  9. Daniel's Game Vault says:

    Where the hell is Collin nowadays ? We want more :D

  10. says:

    Estas son las herramientas básicas para trabajos de electrónica: Collin’s
    Lab: Electronics Tools

  11. Ron Thompson says:

    When u make your videos please don’t use a banging or tapping background
    music . I want to hear what u have to say . Thank you , electronics freak

  12. weeeezzll says:

    I’ll take that as a compliment!


  13. Knoxville Hermit says:

    Good video.

  14. Zach Brenner says:

    That screw set is avalable at ifixit

  15. Travis Brown says:

    anyone else feel like this is dwight schrutes brother?

  16. Muhammad Asif says:

    many thanks and sharing a good piece of work . Now i am ready to buy some
    other things which i do not have before and also this video help that which
    tools for which purpose. now i am ready to learn electronic so quick. 

  17. jason weimer says:

    #makezine #Collin

  18. x65535x says:

    Poor Erem side cutters. :,( I’d be hard pressed to buy another brand these

  19. Bertha munson says:

    Electronics Tool Belt!

  20. Chris Greer says:

    love this guys humor

  21. Mormonastroscout says:

    He reminds me of a slightly funnier Dwight.

  22. MyWillyboi says:

    Avoid the warranty at all cost LMFAO

  23. Hariharaprasad Vellala says:

    Your tools talked much about you! Thanks for the video. You forgot the
    light source! 

  24. Shehan Danushka says:

    yeah …. everytime tools bothering me to study and asking me for invent
    new things

  25. 9dragonsofdreams says:

    7:50 #swag

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