Wiha Tools, Wiha Screwdrivers Comparison by KC Tool and Review of 17 screwdriver styles

Wiha Tools, Wiha Screwdrivers Comparison by KC Tool and Review of 17 screwdriver styles

Wiha tools makes a lot of great screwdrivers for industrial use, electricians, plumbers, electronic repair, DIY and more. This is a comparison and review of …

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26 Responses to Wiha Tools, Wiha Screwdrivers Comparison by KC Tool and Review of 17 screwdriver styles

  1. KC Tool Co says:

    Ari P
    Both Wera and Wiha Insulated electrician screwdrivers have a label on the
    very top that shows the size and style of each driver. It’s such a great

  2. SpiDeRReal says:

    I’m needing a T9 and T6 bit for opening a mass of PC Hard Drives for
    recycling… do you have a suggestion?

  3. Nintendo Hardware Enthusiast says:

    Wiha screwdrivers have been VERY reliable to me. I work on electronics
    ranging from small handheld devices to desktop computers and game consoles.
    The series that I rely on most is the Precision series. I own a great deal
    of the standard set and have NEVER stripped a single screw. I’ve been
    expanding my collection and have just about every size driver in the
    precision series. These are definitely made to last. I even ordered a
    handful from KC Tools on eBay! 

  4. Ari P says:

    I am trying to find electrician screwdrivers that have a label on the top
    end. When they are in a belt and you look down and should be able to see
    which one is which. Nobody seems to mention that or say if they have the
    label on the end. You can marker them, but it wears off too easily even
    with an indelible marker. Very necessary and simple design they should all
    have, but so many don’t. 

  5. Torontodude20000 says:

    I have a set of insulated screwdrivers from Wiha. They are great, I
    especially love the #2 Phillips. Imo it’s better than my Klein. 

  6. CaffeineJunky says:

    Good video. Just ordered their torx bit set from you guys for knife

  7. Jeremy Brenneman says:

    I am in the process of ordering several Wiha Screwdrivers and watched your
    video AGAIN to see what type of handle I needed/wanted. Perfectly
    informative. Thanks for taking the time to make this!

  8. theekrusher says:

    hugr fan of the microfinish. pliable handles get gummy and give you
    blisters. the hard textured plastic of the microfinish is genius. if you
    work lots with scewdrivers, the microfinish is a really great choice.

  9. Durallymax Vinny says:

    Tell them to make more Microfinish ones. Love that grip. Softfinish isn’t
    terrible though. Every driver I own is Wiha., Ordering some Drive-Loc and
    Topra now. Honestly, I bought a #2 Delo Ergonic, Felo 550, Wiha
    Microfinish, and Wera Chiseldriver. When I opened all of them I thought I
    would like the Wiha the least and the Felo Ergonic the most. I figured the
    Wera would be high on my list. Hated the Ergonic, Wera felt weird, Wiha was

  10. ihazpowrz says:

    I love my Wiha drivers! No other brand of tool feels as secure in Torx
    fasteners. These make Snap-On feel like a Chinese off brand. – Audi Master

  11. jonah c says:

    i have my grandpa’s fuller set, its like 60 years old now

  12. disobey says:

    Felo and Wiha micro finish are better than Wera, but I like my Weras just
    the same. I watch guys stab themselves with Kleins accidentally and they
    think they’re just great. I think the Wiha Microfinish is the toughest and
    best driver on the market, with felo being right there too.

  13. michael C says:

    I don’t know much about Wera, but my Klein magnetic screwdrivers are
    awesome. In fact, every Klein tool I own is awesome. I purchased a 8
    piece cushioned, magnetic screwdriver kit by Klein from Ebay brand new for
    $60. Excellent deal. I just prefer Klein since I have other tools by

  14. OK2BCK says:

    I use Wiha, check them out

  15. bb4jdmlude says:

    I traded my snap on screwdrivers for a set of klein and i will never go
    back to snap on screwdrivers. Let alone at home depot you can buy klein
    for 9.50 for screwdrivers. Not to mention the klein is made in the usa and
    the wera comfort is made in Czech republic 

  16. David Thegreat says:

    I think Wera is the best brand in the world when it comes too screwdrivers.
    They are a little bit soft in the metal. But i think that is better then
    beeing to hard. Then it can break more easily…/Decaf

  17. jjlwis says:

    the Klein’s are better for Speed… and strong tips

  18. Derek Helmuth says:

    I’ve used Wiha in the past which also had insulated shafts which at times
    prevented me from reaching fasteners – torquing screws between the slots of
    some types of combination and ground fault circuit breakers, etc. I also
    found the shaft to grip transition was shaped such that they sat on top of
    pouch loops instead of riding inside them. The phillips heads also appeared
    to be shaped differently – slightly longer, like they were designed for
    automotive fasteners (?) I often encountered less than perfect “fit”.
    Unfortunate, they are much more comfortable in use. Thanks for these
    reviews, good work!

  19. Ruben Rivera says:

    I have a set of stanley and klein and Ideal sets that look like the klein
    and they r close as far as the stanley set but the Ideal have the same
    warranty as klein and r good 2

  20. Ruben Rivera says:

    nice but their ratchet set r very pricey and that I have a wiha set of the
    same isulated and they r great tools to

  21. Jeff Moss says:

    Nice video. I’m still a diehard Klein fan through and through.

  22. Exil says:

    I’m just another electrician, i work under hard environment and gave, in
    the past, these tools a run for their money so here’s my impressions. For
    big and torque intensive job i prefer personally the klein (and im no fan
    of klein btw). I don’t like the screwdriver set you have in thsi video from
    klein, i’m talking about the one with square shaft where you can put a
    wescot or key for added strenght. As for Wera, the handle is also their
    weakness, You notice the two color grip? The soft yellow material will
    eventually come off from intensive work. As for “control” set of
    screwdriver – mid to tiny socket – Wera is by far the best one for me. In
    my pouch i carry both company to have a complete set.

  23. NinjaTruther says:

    any chance of you donig Klien vs. Wera vs. Wiha vs. Knipex(not all
    comparissons at once) with insulated handtools(nutdrivers, screwdrivers,
    pliers, etc.)

  24. brian hilligoss says:

    You should look into Beta tools since your into quality and ergonomics.
    There a little hard to get in North America but are totally worth it.
    Amazon use to sell them and still have some selection.

  25. mydogcarlie says:

    Why post a video if you are going to be so biased. You have already
    predetermined you outcome. Kinda embarrassing.

  26. Nick Sek says:

    Edited the last upload, sorry about the double post….

    Subscribe, like, share, and comment if you agree and disagree. Continuing a
    seemingly endless series a tool comparisons; a tool comparison between
    Klein and Wera screwdrivers is next. Both awesome tools, but only one can
    ultimately be the outlier of the two.



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