Talking Sonic Screwdrivers with Doctor Who’s Prop Maker Nick Robatto

At Comic-Con 2011, GeekFilter talked to prop maker Nick Robatto of Rubbertoe Props about creating detailed replicas of the Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers he b…

25 Responses to Talking Sonic Screwdrivers with Doctor Who’s Prop Maker Nick Robatto

  1. OSUM GUY says:

    Dear Santa…….

  2. The Ninth Doctor says:

    I broke my sonic… Where can I purchase one?

  3. GeekFilter says:

    Yes, he’s still doing production work on the show and he’s also licensed to
    make Dr Who items –

  4. Stampy Spycraft says:


  5. joshua wakeman says:

    How much are they 

  6. s3cr3tpassword says:

    so desirable…..

  7. Adrian sanchez says:

    I need them all!!!

  8. Seems Legit Films says:

    What ever happend to him? Does he still make them for doctor who?

  9. NookieBikesVideo says:


  10. Alex Abel says:

    i thought that was the master artisan series on qmx and it was only the
    eleventh doctors.

  11. bbenjaminsen36 says:

    Where can I get one?? Anyone who known?

  12. matthew costa says:

    @lewigindahouse what does it do?????

  13. Sonicscrewdriver3 says:

    Fantastic prop. To bad it’s $4,000

  14. NookieBikesVideo says:

    rubbertoerayguns . com I LOVE YOU ROBATTO You are awesome :

  15. Joel Schelfhout says:

    sad news the 11th doctor sonic screwdriver wont be made by the celestial
    toy store so we wont be able to bye it sad

  16. iMattCi89 says:

    Oh wow, that means Character Options was right about the red button!

  17. The Chicken Monke says:

    i want the smith

  18. scudmonkey says:

    Robatto = LEGEND We love you Rubbertoe wooh!

  19. relishldm says:

    Well you can buy a real one, like the one used by Matt Smith for $4,000 if
    you want!!

  20. TheWordly Bird says:

    I would rather just be the 12th Doctor.

  21. Nikola Stoleski says:

    i want a sonic screwdriver but i cant get one

  22. toosousand says:

    Read somewhere that they were doing 25 of each at around $3500 AUS and you
    go onto a waiting list. Apparently takes 2 weeks to construct each one.

  23. Vaas Montenegro says:

    Yeah….theyre sold out 🙁

  24. yonas michael says:

    this is sad, i wanted the sonic screwdriver. it cool,

  25. doctahoofan says:

    @joelschelfhout1999 how do you know?

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