Snap-on Tools Instinct Screwdrivers

Snap-on Tools Instinct Screwdrivers

Instinct screwdrivers from Snap-on feature blended, curved sides and a triangular-shaped chemical- and corrosion-resistant handle, providing greater output and increased leverage. Vapor-blasted…
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25 Responses to Snap-on Tools Instinct Screwdrivers

  1. Ross Kavanagh says:

    My family run one of Irelands best garage & Service centres and we wouldnt
    use anything except Snap-On Tools, I agree they are pricey but at the end
    of the day if you use the tool right it will last, genuine breakages can
    happen but mostly you will get a replacment.

  2. BerettaTV says:

    Being a mechanic I can truly say snap on is no was of money. You are just
    to up tight to buy it.

  3. MWElectric says:

    I like that snap on makes high quality tools. Plus their made in the usa
    (please let me know if some are not!!) But the price is outragous! Their
    just to expensive. If you go on craigs lists tool section its full of snap
    on stuff. Its all guys that maid impulse purchases and are begging to get
    half of thier money back. Im a simple electrician. I dont wear Gucci shoes
    and i dont use fifty dollar phillips heads.

  4. canadiankleen says:

    I thought a screwdriver is a screwdriver until i used the instinct soft
    grip SO screwdriver. Most comfortable sd I have ever used. Due to its large
    handle and design, excellent torque can be applied and with much less
    effort and fatigue. Worth the extra bucks imo.

  5. RC60618 says:

    I do not like those screwdrivers……

  6. Empire932 says:

    its really hard to understand how usefull, and how much better these really
    are, until you use them and try to go back to the old one.. my hands feel
    so much better at the end of the day thanks to my soft handled screwdrivers.

  7. Shane Snyder says:

    I doubt everyone on CL selling their Snap On stuff is trying to unload it.
    Most are mechanics that have duplicates, retiring, or getting out of the
    field. Over priced? Yes. Good quality and warranty? Yes. I’m not even a
    paid mechanic and I buy some Snap On stuff, new off the truck and used on
    CL and Ebay. Their screwdrivers and ratchets kick ass!

  8. MWElectric says:

    LOL just noticed i left the same opinion on this vid over a year ago. well
    atlease im consistant 😉

  9. preno911DW says:

    I think theyre over priced but Im a starting intern for the AYES auto
    program. I just cant see spending most my check on that stuff when
    craftsman gives the same warranty. I dont like SO?Bluepoint impacts. For
    electric power tools I stick to Milwaukee. This is wholly my opinion feel
    free to comment w/o harshness!!!

  10. casey eskildsen says:

    i have the matco screwdrivers with the microfiber material and the snap on
    intinct handles i like the matco ones better but th snap on ones are a
    fantastic product as well

  11. clubpenguintango says:

    heres some thing make a triangular tip i need one no one has one

  12. MuhsinTheMomin says:

    thanks for the heads up..i already have a set of Stanley magnums…thier ok
    but could be better ofcourse. B&Q sell snap on imitations screw drivers
    now/.for about 1 quid each. I just love the enthusiasm Americans have with
    thier tools…wish we had that in the UK

  13. Sean Scott says:

    snap on tools are great tools. the only reason i dont use them is if they
    do break you are going to be waiting a few days for a new tool. and if you
    an aviation mechanic like me you need your tools fixed NOW! so i get mostly
    craftsman. but there is ABSOLUTELY! nothing wrong with snap-on

  14. rwdplz1 says:

    I have a few of these, and love them. Only broke one once, and my local
    dealer replaced the metal portion in under a minute. The serated tips make
    all the difference on rusty or started to strip heads.

  15. 383chevystroker says:

    snap on builds them right! i break craftsman ones left and right!

  16. john doe says:

    I bought the biggest set for my truck acc need and I will never have
    another tool again and my snap-on man is GREAT!!!

  17. wafrederick says:

    Hand one of their #2 phillips screwdrivers to my neighbor Ken,he will break
    the tip off of one.He does this to every good and cheap brand screwdriver
    which my father has seen him do.

  18. Dieselolds says:

    Last winter i got some new screwdriver kits from both snap-on and hazet,
    the snap-on has the best handles and best grip, no doubt!

  19. kickstand6669 says:

    snap on stoped the hard handle but it was made by williams tools u can
    still get um threw williams

  20. Brett B says:

    Snap On Philips head bites grip so hard that they tend to want to strip the
    heads out if they’re rusted or just stuck. In aviation where inspection
    panels are all held on with screws… It can be bad and ruin the chance of
    being able to use a screw knocker.

  21. dave0z96 says:

    I got a set about a year ago . I think thier all right but I like the old
    plastic handles better .

  22. fsanden says:

    Screwdrivers = Wera

  23. David Thegreat says:

    I´m sorry but you can´t beat Wera,,,not even close….

  24. vandenbrink1 says:

    i have sum mac but mostly snap-on tools mainly cuz i lived near the factory
    in kenosha,Wi. theyre tools u can take pride in for a lifetime,while
    providing jobs in the community.if u want chinese tools buy the cheaper

  25. MuhsinTheMomin says:

    how do we get these in the UK…>?

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