Lightning Review: Skil 360 Quick Select

Lightning Review: Skil 360 Quick Select
Just don't expect it to take the place of all your old-fashioned screwdrivers. The short bits can't reach screws that are recessed or in a tight space because the Skil's body gets in the way. The torque is a bit too much for gentle jobs. And the 12 …
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Intricate family connections bind several of America's worst charities
Instead, Reynolds convinced businesses to donate everything from overruns on underwear to surplus screwdrivers. At his warehouse, the goods were repackaged and sent for free to individuals and other nonprofits throughout the eastern United States.
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Joan Ryther murder accused's alleged movements on night detailed in court
They were inside just long enough to steal a couple of screwdrivers before they were again on their way, the camera outside a nearby KFC store showing them as they turned into Mayes Ave four minutes later, according to documents filed in the court …
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