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Read Scott Kirk's programme notes ahead of MK Dons' home tie against
Imagine if you're a plummer or electrician, and for whatever reason you lose your screwdriver on January 30. You've not had time to replace it by the end of the window that you're allowed to buy screwdrivers, and you're not allowed to do replace your …
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Big Chuck…"Cat Rescuer!" (VIDEO)
Joey slowly dragged the frightened, freezing cat out from under the porch and back into the warmth of our living room. Ripped jeans..$ 30.00. Two broken screwdrivers…$ 20. One hole in the house….$ 1,000. A happy wife and kid….priceless. In my book …
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Pat Metheny: Still Learning After All These Years
“Guitars for me are sort of like screwdrivers are for somebody who builds a house,” he explains. “I don't have any real attachment to any guitar or any type of guitar; they're all just tools and whatever the tune in question seems to want I'm going to …
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