Gorilla Glue branches out with national TV advertising

Gorilla Glue branches out with national TV advertising
In 2004, the company, which also makes screwdrivers and drill bits for independent hardware stores, changed its name to reflect its most popular product. Gorilla Glue executives declined to disclose the company's annual sales, but it competes in a …
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Why do we throw our stuff away instead of fixing it?
Spools of thread and wire, boxes of nuts and screws, glue guns, paint brushes, screwdrivers, vice grips, and clamps littered the counters. Customers milled around work benches and the sewing machine, eagerly sharing stories about their broken stuff, …
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Baltimore County man keeping the promise to remember 9/11
Others used screwdrivers and hammers. It took 12 hours last Friday, moving east from Old Harford Road to Harford Road, roughly a quarter mile. As many as 10 volunteers worked to create the "Path of Honor," as Ritz calls it, a route running past homes, …
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