Doctor Who’s Top 11 Sonic Screwdriver Scenes

Countdown the Top 11 Sonic Screwdriver scenes with the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. What can’t it do?! Doctor Who returns to BBC America with all-new episode…

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29 Responses to Doctor Who’s Top 11 Sonic Screwdriver Scenes

  1. Esteban López says:

    I loved this

  2. Nathan Turner says:

    Eleven did better with tens screwdriver than his own.

  3. The Flaming Composer says:

    Look at that everyone! This video has 666 comments!

    Oh wait… nevermind…

  4. Ali S says:

    Sonic screwdriver: It’s kind of like Batman’s utility belt, only cooler.

  5. Maxwell Anderson says:

    11th doctor was always my fav

  6. Jessica Harmel says:

    If it was the tenth, for number one I would’ve picked when he said ” That’s
    what I love about it. But it is very good… at opening doors.” And the
    doors exploded

  7. Laura White says:

    Sonic. Scrow. Driver

  8. IronicSuperNova says:

    what episode is number 4 from

  9. Owen Smedley says:

    Neda S it was a Christmas carol 

  10. Red Crafter says:

    Why isn’t the scene where he’s using it against the silence with river song
    in it? That was one of the best scenes with it.

  11. Guinevere Dommeck says:


  12. Neda S says:

    What episode was 4 from

  13. AtomBombProductions2 says:

    wow. Timelords are *Really* lucky!

  14. Worgy H says:

    it says in description “what can’t it do?”

    answer : teleport user , open anything wooden , allow the user to fly ,
    turn out the sun and a few more

  15. Melissa Pichardo says:

    I loved this

  16. Leona Táňa Míša says:

    I have think it’s tennant regenerated twice and next John hurt- one day
    Smith is 12th doctor and regenerates 13 times

  17. TaraElizabethMakeup says:

    What episode is 9

  18. Spud620 says:

    People, number 4 is from one of the Christmas specials, ‘A Christmas Carol’

  19. Paige Cederlund says:

    what about “ooohhhh doctor you soniced her” XD

  20. Keven Goepel says:

    Its funny because the top 3 uses are using the 10th sonic..

  21. Camaroni1000 says:

    Didn’t think 9 was that impressive

  22. David Basanta says:

  23. arielle cababat says:

    What episode was No. 10?

  24. stampy water cat says:

    doctor who is awsome wach this pleas

  25. sweetsoad says:

    Depending on what kind of handyman?
    Only men can use screwdrivers?
    Can’t believe this video was included in 1200.
    I are telling the police. 

  26. noel lwin says:


  27. SeanM says:

    ENGG1200 4 lyf

  28. peugeotCitroen2CV says:

    there is always some cheesy pun in these videos.

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