DOCTOR WHO Basic Sonic Screwdriver Wave 2 Toy Reviews | Votesaxon07

S9E04 – Screw it…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

“Even the Sonic Screwdriver won’t get me out’ve this one” Join me as i review every incarnation of the Doctor’s Trusty Sonic Screwdriver in toy form. Warning, Inaccuracies ahead!! Enjoy. All…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to DOCTOR WHO Basic Sonic Screwdriver Wave 2 Toy Reviews | Votesaxon07

  1. votesaxon07 says:

    Its bits of plastic vaguely shaped like #DoctorWho #SonicScrewdrivers …

  2. Dash Lambda says:

    The button on the 11th sonic is incorrectly positioned. It is supposed to
    be placed on the bottom of the leather strip, but the toy has it on the

  3. Lightning Fast says:

    Quick thing, the secret sound on the 8th Doctor’s sonic screw driver, the
    laser like one, is from the movie, no pull collar, but PLEASE CHARACTER

  4. AlchemistOfNirnroot says:

    Tennent’s 2006, I mean I know it was 25/12/05 but come on… 

  5. Blackcrame says:

    OMG, CO actually made worse Eleventh sonic than making the better one? Who
    would even consider buying this pile of crap? 

  6. Owen Sammons says:

    *face palm* Ahh well, they can’t get worse can they??

  7. Blackcrame says:

    So, we have 2x 11th sonic and 3x 12th sonic and the first one is the same
    as the older 11th. And basically 4 of them are crap. Single button one got
    rid of the worst flaw, touch control has god awful back side with legal BS
    and visible battery compartment. Not good at all.

    CO can make really good sonics, laser and River ones are very nice. But
    they get really lazy with selling-on-their-own screwdrivers. 

  8. aaron adolfo says:

    My reaction of the Wave 2 Sonics:
    5th: What the fuck is that?
    8th: Motherfucking mutt… you… you… you fucking piece of shit!
    10th: FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! MOTHERFUCKER! (throws sonic around and damages it)
    11th: Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking sonics on
    this motherfucking show!

  9. Enzo S.S says:

    I have the tenth

  10. Sinking Simulator says:

    When you have 20,000 subs maybe make a episode with you using the 8ths
    because your sonic broke in a episode 

  11. Pointless/Undercroft Questing says:

    Can someone please e-mail character options about their screwdrivers. Their
    so inaccurate! I’m not allowed.

  12. ethan cabrera says:

    dear,voteaxon please do a review on the all doctors toy please please!!!!!

  13. canUsaythis says:

    How do you get the secret sound effects from the 10th? 

  14. Blitz The Blitzle says:

    i have the wave 2 and i really REALLY like it/hate it. Mixed feelings
    beacuse 10 is my favorite and the sounds are inaccurate.

  15. iKarnage 201 says:

    I would justify these terrible toys by the “Basic” used on the box, but
    Ten’s is the exact same thing as its other versions, albeit with the pen
    nib missing. So really, why not rerelease Eleven’s as you have Ten’s? Also,
    don’t know if this was editing by the BBC, but Four’s sonic in “The Ark In
    Space” made the same sounds that the later versions do.

  16. Jack Bradburne says:

    Im so sorry for saying that your a nerd. Its just because I like Matt
    Smiths screwdriver. Will you forgive me. Please

  17. ender gamer says:

    where did you by this sonic screwdriver

  18. CNCcamon1 says:

    Question: does the tenth doctor’s version come with the UV nib or pen nib?
    I am looking for a version of ten’s that has the blue LED, but no removable
    nibs. I lose those nibs very easily and it looks just plain terrible
    without them.

  19. binny thegamer says:

    There is a 11th doctors sonic screwdriver which doesn’t extend and the
    button is at the bottom with no sounds but it lights up the area good and
    it works!

  20. goldenfreddy says:

    11th what the heck is that

  21. ASIANxDAN says:

    Does anybody ever wonder if character options watches these videos?

  22. Justin Troll says:

    where did you get the 10th doctor one

  23. Joshua McGradey says:

    I have the 10th coming tommorow and I hope it doesent use that sound chip

  24. Tyran Leeson says:

    I’ve got all of these! I also got the masters laser sonic re-released as

  25. Saw-Movie-Fanatic says:


    who was harold ramiss ??

  26. ThePandoricaOpens says:

    “Nothing says non-terrestrial, like a Sonic Screwdriver”. Please watch,
    like and share my latest review guys.

  27. James Green says:

    we should thankful that jnt did put question marks on the sonic screwdriver

  28. triplehhhman says:

    a laser pointer is a good mark 1 scewrdirver dont get the sound but its a
    good model for it

  29. Elliot Valseth says:

    You are so baaaaaad nooob

  30. Andrew Ford says:

    I love the way the 8th Doctor’s sonic looks but it seems to basic. I hate
    that button feature and the sound card doesn’t make it any better.

  31. Leslie Carter says:

    elliot suck a dick

  32. Dance - Fi Doctor says:

    Can I add, the 3rd doctor had two sonics and two cars

  33. Caeden Hay says:

    You point the bullet outward

  34. Nerfherder219 says:

    Character Option’s need to make a 2nd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver!!!

  35. Joey Ponsonby says:

    We’re it pointing

  36. Jack Bradburne says:

    I subscribed because of the music . I love it

  37. joethekid90 gaming and vlogs says:

    Some have hiden sounds

  38. 457zim says:

    Your hands are very shakey… Nice review by the way…

  39. Sinking Simulator says:

    I watch a review of Mcoy in 2011 he said he holder it the wrong way in the
    movie, so I guess you hold it like Paul McGann

  40. Marvel2awesome says:

    thanks does look pretty cool:)

  41. Andrewnuva199 says:

    There’s odd reports that a distribution of 3rd and 4th Sonics had the War
    Doctor Sonic’s soundcard, but no reliable way to know which one has which.
    So there’s that.

    Also, I have my packaging for 8’s sonic right, and I don’t see anything
    saying it “tells us” it’s telescopic. Neither did I see anything of the
    sort in the websites I browsed. I don’t think they lied to us about it at

  42. ThatOneCuber 751 says:

    What confuses me is that if they have the third doctor sound effects and
    are able to put them in a sonic, why don’t they put them in the third
    doctor’s model??

  43. luke smith says:

    all the sonic screwdrivers remind me of the different iron man suits

  44. Pixel Elite says:

    maybe yours is the wrong one

  45. Sinking Simulator says:

    Hey pandorica I’m probabkey getting the 8th doctors sonic

  46. Taylor Thornhill says:

    Mine 3rd doctors has the classic sounds but my 4ths dosnt 

  47. Mr PandaGamer says:

    Where can you buy the 5th doctors screwdriver?

  48. Transdorker says:

    Now if they could make the 2nd Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, that’d be

  49. Jay Dragonarc Productions says:

    What theme remix do you use for that opening?

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