Wood planing competition in Uwajima 2012

Americans are rare at this annual competition, but the three of us participated and had a wonderful time. The Japanese tool lovers welcomed us with open arms…

See how to plane a door with a Dremel rotary tool. With a Dremel rotary tool you plane a sticky door without having to remove it from its hinges. To demonstr…
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  1. Leah Mann says:

    You could go here to obtain the specific wood working plans & tutorials

  2. Atothenal says:

    what determines the winner?

  3. saurabh sehgal says:

    Hello! Have you heard the talk about – jamdun woodworking (do a search on
    google)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my auntie got cool
    resources with it. 

  4. Martin Lundin says:

    Hello there Jason. Im very interested in japanese woodworking culture, and
    planing to go there next year, I have look´t but i can not find any
    cross-pacific company that deal with this sort of thing you describe. Could
    you perhaps send me a link to the page of the company that you and your
    friends used. Thanks you / Martin

  5. Savvas Papasavva says:

    Nice, what kind of wood was that?

  6. Brian Newell says:

    The wood is Alaskan yellow cedar. Many of the participants use Japanese
    cypress, too. The most serious participants are professional carpenters.
    They work all year and begin preparing for the Kezurou Kai about a month in
    advance. Many of their planes are custom-designed just for the competition,
    full of complex laminations and stainless steel pins to get them to stay
    ultra flat. Amazing.

  7. Gal Anonim says:

    Fajnie jest mieć jakąś pasje w życiu 🙂

  8. Brian Newell says:

    Greetings from Japan, Martin. I hosted the group last year, and it was a
    rather informal trip. I have a wood shop in Japan and spend about half the
    year here.The next plane festival is in November next year (2014). For this
    we are planning a more formal tour which will include some visits to
    workshops and tool makers. I will team up with Suzuki Tool for this trip.
    My website is Brian Newell Furniture. If you send me an email I can put you
    on the list. This is a great event.

  9. Daithi354 says:

    looked like a lot of force was required, great to see stuff like this,
    thanks so much for posting

  10. fathomthegist says:

    That was awesome. Thanks for posting

  11. Martin Lundin says:

    Greetings from Sweden Hello Brian thank you for the quick answer. Yes
    please do here is my email. martin_lo1984@hotmail.com. I have just finisht
    studying woodworking, cabinetmaking and design, now Im planing a study trip
    to Japan for next year.

  12. Jason Straw says:

    I was one of the 3 Americans at this event. The Crosspacific tour with
    Brian Newell was a highlight in my life. I encourage anyone seriously
    interested in having a guided tour of japan hand tool culture to contact
    them. I also made a video of the experience.

  13. CanadianWoodworks says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, learn something every day!

  14. Andy Halewood says:

    What is not to like. WoW!!!!

  15. Pal1474 says:

    Which is The name of that plane?

  16. gaston imai says:

    remember that real nice table saw you bought several years ago? that Okana
    is worth like five of them lol

  17. Pedro Lopes says:

    Is this the way they make toilet paper in Japan? 😀 Amazing!

  18. Go Joe says:

    Hand made paper..interesting

  19. Will Leingang says:

    Some day my 3 kids and my wife will understand when I tell them I have to
    go to this. You guys are so lucky!

  20. the430movie . says:

    OMG!!… The mother of all wood planes!

  21. BradPittlike says:

    That is amazing. I love woodworking and when i discovered japanese planes
    (never used them, i mean discovered online) i was blown away at the
    accuracy of the job and apparent amazing finish

  22. Xinfinitix240sx says:


  23. robinbeckford says:

    Like miscpro below, I’d like to know what wood that is. Those planes are
    seriously wide!

  24. sphinxrising58 says:

    I am waiting on a video on how to fix 18 wheelers with a dremel, lol

  25. electroman3100 says:

    first comment

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