Thingamejig Scribing Tool Review

Thingamejig Scribing Tool Review
On darker woods, such as walnut or a stained finish, the pencil lead can be nearly impossible to make out, whereas the scored line is crisp and clean, which allows the user to easily see the boundary line while planing. My only complaint really has …
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Gum Disease: The Silent Killer
This treatment, also known as scaling and root planing, tries to stop the infection from getting worse, but it does not re-grow any lost bone or collagen to close the pocket to the root. Bacteria can still collect in the less infected spaces between …

Rapid Manufacturing in der Blechfertigung
… werden, ob das Teil mit den vorhandenen Maschinen und Werkzeugen gefertigt werden kann. Da dieser Ablauf für Einzelteile und kleine Stückzahlen meist zu aufwändig ist, kommen in der Praxis oft Erfahrungswerte und selbst erstellte Tools (z.B. Excel …
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