Magnate 2703 Surface Planing ( Bottom Cleaning ) Router Bit – 1″ Cutting Diameter

Magnate 2703 Surface Planing (Bottom Cleaning) Router Bit - 1" Cutting Diameter

  • 2-Flute Carbide Tipped; 1" Cutting Diameter; 1/2" Shank Diameter; 15/32" Cutting Length
  • 2" Shank Length
Good for spoil board surfacing and square groove cutting. Used for cleaning out dadoes. It leaves a smooth, clean finished surface. It is also perfect for milling round, square or flat stock on the Legacy Ornamental Milling machines. This carbide tipped bit is specifically designed and manufactured for the high quality demanded by woodworking industrial applications. The cutting edges of this router bit are made from high industrial grade micrograin carbide tips brazed onto a heat-treated high-c

Price: $ 21.52

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