The arts shone in Sooke in 2013

The arts shone in Sooke in 2013
From her research so far she hasn't found anyone painting in quite the same manner and she calls it “a bridge between realism and abstraction.” August 28, 2013 … “We're recyclers of whatever and use left over metal for art or functional tools,” said …
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Automotive carbon fiber: Seeking moderation
In addition, he noted that carbon fiber needs scalability, better design and CAE tools, robust repair technologies, compatibility with vehicle painting processes and adequate supply. Regarding supply, he said with tongue in cheek that if each of the 15 …
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What Bollywood lost to fire last year?
With fire-fighting tools available at the right time, the situation was brought under control. Thankfully, no one was … The Michael Jackson painting that Sridevi had made for daughter Jhanvi was gutted in the fire as did Jhanvi's wardrobe. And a day …
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