Spray Painting Basic Tools/Materials

Spray Painting Basic Tools/Materials

These are the basic materials. Spray Paint – Rustoleum, , Menards Paper – Glossy, , Hobby Lobby Straight Edge – to, Any Hardware Store Template – M…

14 Responses to Spray Painting Basic Tools/Materials

  1. Jennifer Dinnocenti says:

    I feel awesome not being the youngest spray paint artist, at least I think
    im younger…..

  2. Lily Lopez says:

    Can you use that glossy paper that use to print out pictures?

  3. mr slip says:

    Hey man as a fellow artist i gotta say your arts pretty damn good keep it

  4. Maxximuss18 says:

    I like it

  5. AetherDreamSeeker says:

  6. xxSprayPainterxx says:

  7. xxSprayPainterxx says:

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