Painter 2015 Smart Photo Painting Tools

Painter 2015 allows a world of creativity for your photos. Use unique auto-painting and photo cloning tools to quickly transform photos into works of art. Do…
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This specific tutorial is just a single movie from the Photoshop CS5 Top 5 course presented by author Deke McClelland. The complete Photoshop CS5 T…

23 Responses to Painter 2015 Smart Photo Painting Tools

  1. Corel says:

    Quickly transform photos into works of art with unique auto-painting and
    photo cloning tools in Painter 2015:

  2. onemessenjah says:

    Does Painter 2015 work well with the Cintiq 24hd?

  3. kyy656 says:

    Sounds like she’s about to cry all the time

  4. Gourmet Soap Boutique says:

    why is she whispering?

  5. Lynn Sindoni says:

    Been doing it the hard way, look forward to learning this newest method and
    see if I can then add my own artistic ability. 

  6. Laz Pataz says:

    tutorial on creative suite (version 5 and beyond), photoshop paint and
    brush options

  7. Lioncub says:

    what?artist are not saying yay now we can steal the colors and make a fake
    painting out of a picture.. the new tools are a whole new level of
    creativity and realism not something you should use to paint over an image,
    basicly its cheating >=( good demonstration though ^.^

  8. FredericBayer says:

    The emboss effect is a little too much, but apart from that, nice 🙂

  9. ubotstudios11 says:


  10. orenob says:

    As always – it’s good to hear your perspective on Photoshop I was waiting
    to hear what you have to say on the new CS5 – Thank you for sharing some of
    the tutorials on you tube 🙂

  11. Paolo Baroja says:

    why does my cs5 doesnt have this bristle brush im using a laptop ang my
    version of photoshop is Creative Suite Master Collection CS5 i need an
    answer immediately pls.

  12. Gene parrott sr says:

    Deke, I am a great admirer of your work, and thoroughness of your
    tutorials, but when I set up just as directed, my new layer when painted
    shows nothing but smears of different colored paint, and only resembles an

  13. Ashlee Hawksworth says:

    thank you for this, I am a photographer myself and I like to make my photos
    look like digital art once i’ve photoshopped them, this helps in explaining
    that so well and i’ll be trying out these techniques on my next project 🙂

  14. Taraborn says:

    why doesn’t shift+alt+right click work in my windows 7 machine?

  15. TriprosoposMc says:

    @nightwing20050089 brush presets 😉 i didnt know it 😛 now i find it 🙂

  16. John Norris says:

    Question, at the end you mention pressing F12 to get the before/after
    views, This does not work on my CS5, I just get an error message, has the
    command been changed or is there another key stroke to do same thing?

  17. jcarmen2 says:

    i know its just a tutorial but u can really make a difference using this it
    turns out nice if done well

  18. lralbrecht says:

    “still, you GOTTA dig the results”

  19. Abdo M says:

    Where can i find the bristle brushes in the brushes menu ?

  20. lemmiwinks58 says:

    @eltipoqueteconoce Ya I have the same problem : /

  21. Tazumi92 says:

    oo hm I dont think it gives you a better 3D feeling or something like that
    you can reach out for but those Tools still seem cool and this Video helps
    understanding how it works. Thank you

  22. eltipoqueteconoce says:

    hi, why i cant see the brush preview, thanks a lot for the answer

  23. nightwing20050089 says:

    Question : HOw can I rotate and change the angle of the Brush like what he
    did in @5:12 with only a Mouse or a keyboard? is it possible ? ^_^

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