Interior Painting: Tools & Techniques

How to do-it yourself instructional on basic interior painting tools and techniques. Today on Repairs101 — today on Repairs101 I’ve just finished painting t…

8 Responses to Interior Painting: Tools & Techniques

  1. Repairs101 says:

    New Apartment? Paint like a pro for peanuts!

  2. Mose Vaega says:

    NICE GUY. 

  3. Cosmo Drimiti says:


  4. GreenSkyFalling says:

    thanks for the tips. why did you put a drainage hole in the bucket though?

  5. El Masder المصدر says:

    this video is awesome thank so much

  6. Tori Thomas says:

    i like ur drainage hole thingy, good tip thanks!

  7. rodel maglanque says:

    thanks for tips,,,,

  8. Adrian Boswood says:

    Good handy video, thanks.

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