How To Select Painting Tools – The Home Depot

How To Select Painting Tools - The Home Depot

See more: Learn the best methods for applying your paints. Find out which tools to use on a particular surface along with the type of brush, ro…
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3 Responses to How To Select Painting Tools – The Home Depot

  1. cardo1111 says:

    Good informative video thanks for posting!

  2. Cathy Hudgins-Arnett says:

    This is a good vid…though brands of paint etc. aren’t mentioned….it
    helps to actually purchase paint that costs a bit more,and is the best
    quality one can afford…the same with brushes..and rollers. When finished
    painting, place a piece of plastic wrap between the can lid and the paint
    can..and then tap down the lid. This tip has helped us avoid paints drying
    out over time. Mark all paint cans with the date and the color can be
    painted on top..for later use.Happy painting !

  3. Iftach Chiel says:

    I have seen the same method used by AnS painting and decorating London that
    were painting my office in The Vineyards, 36 Gloucester Avenue, London,
    NW17BB, the result was quiet good actually, should you wish to check more
    about it try call them on 02071937275

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