Abstract painting demo. creating a textured surface and designs with random tools, color washes

creating texture and design using misc. items and then applying color washes.A variety of methods you can use and have fun with. This is creating art my way! ‘The Fundamentals of Painting with…
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25 Responses to Abstract painting demo. creating a textured surface and designs with random tools, color washes

  1. Gitta B. says:

    Again you leave me speechless. I thought it was messy in the beginning but
    it all comes together in pure magic. Is this acrylics?

  2. Shan Raea says:

    This is stunning and inspirational. You do beautiful work Michael. Thank
    you for sharing! 

  3. Jere Condon says:

    You are the Master :)

  4. Michael King says:

    Amazing creativity I thank you for sharing, do you have classes?

  5. Thais Magdalena Bertrand Godoy says:

    Felicitaciones Maestro! Interesante composición con buen equilibrio y
    manejo del color. 

  6. valtosheva says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hennie Janssen says:

    AMAZING love it 

  8. Dustie Meads says:

    I did my first abstract tonight thanks to you. I’ve a long way to go, but
    it’s a start. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us all!

  9. mike devaney says:

    I thought it was sic halfway done I woulda bought it , after watching you
    are up on my fav artist list my man 

  10. Peter Browne says:

    May I ask how long it took to paint this , in my opinion, masterpiece ?.
    One of the best abstracts I have seen.

  11. Darlene Moore says:

    You are truly the most amazing Abstract Artist I have watched! Your
    blending of colors and the softness you get is just mind boggling. Please
    tell me if you use mostly water or do you use another medium? I have to
    know! LOL

  12. Vicky Salamaña Masso says:

    genial !!!guapissimooo…….

  13. Nathalie Brottes says:

    bonjour, je suis une fan inconditionnelle de votre travail, seriez vous
    d’accord pour me donner quelques informations sur vos oeuvres. Quelle est
    la texture que vous utilisez pour faire le relief dans votre tableau “birth
    of infinity”? encore merci pour toute ses vidéos

  14. Anisa Sanchez says:

    what is it that you are painting on/with?

  15. M Shingleton says:

    Thank you so very much its is very beautiful

  16. Debra Williams says:

    fantastic….. several times I thought it looked great and then there was
    more !!! Very inspiring and thanks for sharing.

  17. Muriel Kaupp says:

    wow de toute beauté !

  18. Mark says:

    WOW, how much did you sell that for? It’s beautiful.

  19. James Randall says:

    Great stuff

  20. Gabrielle Cormier says:

    I absolutely love your work! Your use of color, texture and other elements
    is so visually appealing 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  21. Reidun Bakken says:

    Fantastic !

  22. priyanka tewari says:

    you inspire me!

  23. avila guimaraes says:

    Lindo!!! O que você usa como base? É gesso?

  24. Tango Lilt says:


  25. Ivica Huljev says:

    I am thrilled with your work, and I’d like familiar approach your creation.

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