Abstract Art Painting Ideas, Techniques, Tips, Tricks and Tools at AbstractArtLesson.com

Hi everyone this is Peter. I have created this video to share with you how to practice brainstorming various acrylic abstract painting ideas on canvas. This …
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  1. comfortably Numb says:

    This really works .I used to always like drawing since I was maybe 7 and I
    was beast at it then I stopped and I started doing graffitti in 8th grade I
    had to learn this new concept took me years to master by the time I was in
    10th grade I was on top of the game but I lost my drawing skills I had
    completely stopped drawing anything other than letters for years then I
    stopped doing all of it and a few months ago I started drawing again . I
    meditate and use psychedelics every few months and it helps me look inside
    my head it’s helped me a lot at getting better I’ve doing these freestyle
    practices because it felt like it was the right thing to do and I got
    better and better to be honest I wouldn’t be able to draw a face or
    anything like that I never focused on drawings but rather pieces of art
    that people around me seem to like so I’m happy with my progress . :p

  2. CASHCOOL TV says:

    and what about painting titles ?

  3. Theresa Kennedy DuPay says:

    I love your videos Peter, I’ve really benefited from them. I appreciate
    that you share what you know and your advice is wonderful. Too many people
    think that to paint you have to have a classical education in art. Not
    true. Thanks so much for this great video. :)

  4. mathias reinprecht says:

    Awesome. Thank you!

  5. bellgallery says:

    Thanks for good ideas :)

  6. Barb Gilroy says:

    Thank you – I learned a lot from this video!

  7. Liberty Aragon says:

    So good! Very helpful and just what i was looking for.

  8. Deepa Mukherji says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas Peter

  9. Liberty Aragon says:

    So good! Very helpful and just what i was looking for.

  10. stara144 says:

    Thank you Sir.

  11. Karleen Kareem says:

    Very good advise! Thanks! I love your style of abstract art.

  12. Stefanie Fernando says:

    Yes, it is best to let the brush do the walking and not to think too much
    about it. 

  13. Maria K says:

    Wonderful, thank you for sharing your gift.

  14. John Mingolla says:

    Good didactic video.

  15. Nova Gali says:

    i see a boat 

  16. Mell PellMell says:

    Судя по вашему акценту, мой комментарий будет понят)))
    Спасибо за видео)) Люблю, когда не жалеют и делятся в видюшке сразу многими
    интересненькими приемчиками и не боятся показать иногда не самый идеальный
    процесс – это, пожалуй, самое стоящее.
    Как говорится, тот, кому надо, все нужное увидит, а остальным и
    необходимости смотреть нет)))

  17. OneLoneLegend says:

    how much did that one sell for?

  18. Chanice Ellis says:

    loved it. Just about to start painting for the first time. Very encouraging

  19. Laurel Sheridan says:

    Peter your paintings are beautiful, so etherial I can look at them over and
    over. Thankyou for sharing and ramping up my enthusiasm for getting down to
    work. I love the way you use the spatula and feather to create marks. Great
    video. Laurel Sheridan

  20. Bonnie Harris says:

    Thank you so much! You have just given me what I needed to begin with my
    abstract painting. And as far as the comment of contradicting yourself,
    that’s what artist do. I know what you meant.

  21. Jesse Woodrow says:

    Hi Peter! I am a new artist who is interested in abstract art.I would like
    to know what type paints do you recommend? I look forward to hearing from
    you soon.Thank you!

  22. shahilagh says:

    Beautiful. many thanks

  23. Alan Lord says:

    Very inspiring – many thanks

  24. Uniqua Simmons says:

    Ben thank you for your comment! I love creating and making art. I just
    started using large canvas…so…I’m going for it!!

  25. منى سعد says:

    good advices. Thank you so much ^_^

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