Rudy Gay Drops the Hammer Dunk Over Udrih on the Break

Rudy Gay trails on the fast break and finishes with the strong one-handed dunk. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The league…
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25 Responses to Rudy Gay Drops the Hammer Dunk Over Udrih on the Break

  1. House Of Hoops says:

    That buzzer beater was absolute bullshit. Its physically impossible to
    catch an alley oop layup in 0.3 seconds. NBA still rigged as fucking
    usually. But on the other hand the kings once again lost a 22 point lead,

  2. xPsyrate says:

    Just a bad player with a stupid name he can dunk oh joy wasn’t even special

  3. lshooterl says:

    Vince Carter Dunked OVER Fredrick Wise
    Rudy Gay Dunked IN FRONT of Beno Udrih

  4. Lawrence Hunt says:

    We (pistons) should of got gay instead of this fuckboy Josh Smith. God I
    hate him

  5. Polymorphable says:

    whats a gay drop sry i dont play or watch basketball

  6. R Hunt says:


  7. Garret Taylor says:

    The final score :-)

  8. JJ Diaz says:

    The Kings commentator sounds like a radio broadcaster from the 30’s. He’s
    corny as hell

  9. Jackson Warning says:

    Most underrated player in NBA..

  10. pianmario1 says:

    The Score lmao

  11. ADAJ3 says:

    Damn, look at the score.

  12. ChicagoBulls7733 says:

    That score 

  13. Gangis KongMixes says:

    kings need a better PF and need to wiave derrick williams

  14. slmnsulaimon says:

    Love it when players do they’re old team dirty. 

  15. brian rad says:

    aaaaaand they lost……lol

  16. King Fawazz says:

    Refs or the time dude, ruined the shot clock which led to Courtney Lee’s
    game winner. Kings should not have lost that lead , but refs shouldn’t have
    done that. Happy for my boy Courtney tho.

  17. LilJew96 says:

    i wish i was Gay

  18. Israel Daniel says:

    He barely even dunked on him! (I ain’t a kings hater or a Memphis fan)

  19. About36GREEKS says:

    Lol over the air u mean 

  20. Terunaga Tamura says:

    That had shit loads of power.

  21. Christopher love says:

    lol not even a poster dunk

  22. Josh Fleming says:

    But that last play!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha

  23. Zay The Guru says:

    One of my top 5 fave in game dunkers

  24. Mouth Breather91 says:

    I always knew Rudy gay had mega potential my favorite nba team was Memphis
    back then they were the first time I saw play and Rudy gay was my favorite

  25. Ricardo Cameron says:


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