Quincy Acy Throws down the HAMMER!

Check out Quincy Acy throwing down the absolute hammer on the Bucks during early action About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada….
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Para los que me pidieron mas de Martillo Hammer. Dado que el canal no es dedicado a esta serie. Aunque no lo niego necesita una dedicatoria. Emitido el 26 de…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to Quincy Acy Throws down the HAMMER!

  1. Sole Keffs says:

    I’m tellin you man this fulla can straight out murder that hoop.
    Some of the dunks he pulled off in his stint with the Kings & Raptors, lawd
    have mercy!

  2. officialjet says:

    What Melo passed instead of shooting is this a trick video 

  3. Mike Wallace says:


  4. JmanDatN says:

    Solid player. this is the kind of dude you have no regrets putting in the
    game because you know he’ll give you effort and energy, just like iman
    shumpert. the knicks arent a very deep team but god damn are they stacked
    at shooting guard. Shump, Smith, and even Tim could start or at least play
    a good role for almost any team.

  5. GriffinForceDjCp3 says:

    He’s short!!

  6. Most Dope says:

    As a raptors fan, glad hes doing well and still love to watch him.

  7. Mike Bee says:


  8. melokid99 says:

    Prigioni is a fuckin beast!!

  9. BrianRule says:

    holy shit i thought that n. 34 on the bucks was ray allen. :O thank god

  10. MiamiCavalier FanEST2010-2015 says:

    “Bitches Love Lebron (Good Kush & Lebron)”
    (feat. Drake & Future)

    [Hook: Future & Drake]
    I’m on some good lobs and 2k12
    I got some MVPS you can count
    I don’t know what I would do without y’all
    Imma ball ’til the day I fall (ball, ball, ball, ball)

    Yeah, long as my haters love me
    (Yeah, yeah)
    (Yeah, yeah)
    I can give a fuck ’bout no hater
    Long as my bitches love me
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    (Yeah, yeah)
    Yeah, I can give a fuck ’bout no hater
    Long as these bitches love me

    [Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
    Uh, pussy ass hipsters stop hating
    Lebron got that Obrian
    And i fuck these hoes like im mating maaaaan!
    Yeah, fuck in the post and get bodied
    And all haters do is hate
    Beaner Lakers fans riot, that’s Kobes city
    7 more years Ill be at 10
    And my Rings shine so big
    Even better than Jor-dan
    He don’t want nothin
    He want my time to end
    Kobe said “i need to retire
    i said “So tell me you’re trash”
    Lebron is correct
    Bitch I go where I want and win them Gold
    Got that Lebron 9s and that Akron blood
    I said, ” Wade I never wanna make you mad
    I just wanna make you proud.”
    Kryie said, “Lebron just make me win,
    And i know your the king.”

    [Hook: Future & Drake]
    I’m on that good kush and Lebron(Yeah)
    Im on that NBA 2k12
    I don’t know what I would do without y’all (haters)
    Imma ball ’til the day I fall

    Yeah, long as my bitches love me. 

  11. Ross Fawcett says:

    Cookies cookies cookies

  12. 12345drizzy says:

    shout out to the fan in the white hat eating frozen yogurt courtside

  13. lshooterl says:

    0:20 these bandwagon front row fake fans don’t even watch the game just sit
    there to eat ice cream and look at dick pics gay fags.

  14. spoderman orygins says:

    Melo with the assist? Is this a fake video?

  15. Alden Dulalia says:

    gonna miss Q in Sac-town, hopefully he gets his deserved playing time for
    the Knicks

  16. jayson lendio says:

    fucking travel!

  17. Matthew Tighe says:

    The guy at 0:22 was to busy checking his phone 

  18. Abdul Mohammed says:

    Raptors got rid of one of the most energetic and positive bench guys out
    there. Beautiful piece to a well rounded team, plus he can occasionally
    throw down the hammer!

  19. Gabe N says:

    The title should be changed to “Carmelo Anthony gets an assist”. 

  20. PSCompulsion says:


  21. Arlen Tzamarot says:

    That was MEAN!!

  22. CP3LobCity says:


  23. Zane CDust says:

    Dear god 

  24. Waitak22 says:

    I really rate Quincy Acy. Good player with a lot of energy, hopefully he
    can make some waves this year in NY

  25. BallUpcp3 says:

    Quincy my boiiii

  26. nostalgia says:

    Gracias a Dios que de esto todavia no hicieron ninguna remake, jamàs
    tendrìa la misma gracia que con estos actores! Se los extraña mucho en la

  27. Alberto Ezequiel Aubert says:

    Tenes los episodios de las 2 temporadas en audio latino? excelente serie
    gracias por subir el capitulo =)

  28. marcelo duran says:

    gracias capo, por compartir esta serie de culto, me gustaría poder ver
    todos los capítulos.

  29. pablo aguilera says:


  30. elgordomotoneta says:

    que se extrajo el audio en formato digital directo de la TV sin tomarlo de
    ningún lado, pasa con todos los Capitulos de los Chiflados en Español

  31. Mario Durand S. says:

    Gracias!!! El 3ro lo publicas pronto? O vas a abrir otro canal?… Si es
    asi, avisa para suscribirme!!!! Gracias.

  32. Mario Durand S. says:

    Esta vendria a ser el capitulo 2 ?

  33. Consultoria Tecnica New says:

    Excelente.. cuando vemos otros capítulos.. muy buen aporte..!!!!

  34. santomauro448 says:

    de que canal de television es esto?

  35. Gordon Gordo says:

    – quiere que mate al alcalde? – NOOOOOOOOOOOOO jajajajajajaaja XDDDDDDDDDDDD


    Buenisimo!!!! gracias por subirlos. Tenes idea comos e llama el capitulo en
    el que le roban el arma a hammer????

  37. rrway says:

    haaaaa. pero creo que asi era el audio cuando lo emitieron aqui en Peru ase
    no uuuuuuf era un niñato pero eso me trae buenos recuerdos.. a una consulta
    como es eso del audio M.M.R igual gracias por este capitulo! (Y)

  38. Jinete de Lazer 2 says:

    tenes que subir de bill cosby un capo el morocho 😀

  39. juancarlos9148 says:

    muchas gracias , sube mas , ta bacano

  40. Abraham Vilca Mejia says:

    Sube mas, y gracias por tu trabajo.

  41. elgordomotoneta says:

    Por ahora es dedicado a los Chiflados, tenemos otra canal pero es
    completamente distinto a esta tipo de material. Saludos. Los Tres Chiflados
    por siempre

  42. alejandro maximo says:

    gracias por compartir

  43. elgordomotoneta says:

    si es el segundo

  44. elgordomotoneta says:

    “Yo no veo las noticias, las fabrico” que buena frase! tipico de Sledge

  45. Neo Sparda says:

    HAMEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!. XDDDDD Sledge es mi Héroe

  46. carlos daniel casares says:

    quisiera tener todos los capitulos

  47. elgordomotoneta says:

    No, estan editados, el audio es 100% digital por M.M.R. cuando lo dieron en
    TCM y el video es del la edición de Europa

  48. Marcelo Bustos Meglioli says:

    elgordomotoneta Muchas Muchas Gracias Amigo. por favor no dejes de subir
    los otros capítulos. sos un capo.

  49. rrway says:

    tenias los episodios bien guardados o los descargastes de algun sitio o.o?
    pero (Y) !

  50. walter rivero says:

    cando era mas niño me gustaba la serie, ahora despues de tanto la vuelvo a
    ver y la verdad me parece re mala

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