PSY & MC Hammer Gangnam Style

PSY & MC Hammer Gangnam Style

From The 2012 AMA 11/18/2012 No Copyright Intend. All Rights Belong To The Artist PSY, MC Hammer and ABC, Walt Disney.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This video shows how I forge my first serious rounding hammer, using techniques inspired by the work of blacksmith Brian Brazeal.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to PSY & MC Hammer Gangnam Style

  1. Umbilical968 says:

    2:35 is the only reason I’m here.

  2. Ho Chi Mints says:

    2:45 The Hammerman Cometh

  3. typoded says:

    why is it sped up

  4. ardelean ion says:

    half of the audience doesn’t know who that black man is.

  5. josh thrower says:

    MC kills PSY any day.

  6. Dave J says:

    PSY & MC Hammer Gangnam Style: H h h h hammer time sexy lady lol

  7. kakashi76767 says:

    See, everyone who fought in the Korean War made this video possible. Twas
    a noble fight they fought indeed.

  8. Tupu Folasa says:

    Daaaamn Hammer. You did it again. man can move. :)

  9. epiphany difference says:

    Epic epic epic!!!!!!!

  10. IRON5 says:

    Hammer moves better then these 20 year olds!!!

  11. Monique S says:

    ask somebody!!! This is a show!!

    Showmanship! #showstopper 

  12. ScoxGungFu says:

    So with a pair of one hit wonders on the stage at the same time, does that
    make them a two hit wonder?

  13. Emm Catherine says:

    Wonderful very uplifting after many times of watching that is my opinion
    and i was dancing in my seat as watching

  14. Sam GW says:

    lol the gay guy from modern family’s face. Oh my god this is so cool

  15. David Silva says:

    hammer time bitches. oaktown baby

  16. Paa Hawkins says:


  17. Its Your Pal Josh says:

    Hammer, you made a BIG mistake…

  18. joeyservo says:

    Hammer fucking melted everyone’s face off with superior dancing. 

  19. Ben Best says:

    Yeah, amazing combo!

  20. juggalo2112 says:

    Whats funny is people dont know what this songs about.


    PSY & MC Hammer Gangnam Style:

  22. atyourfuneral says:

    because of this video i believe in world peace

  23. Karol Gott says:

    fucking awesome :D

  24. 17sunnyhour says:

    Well they had to add Hammer!

  25. максим мильчев says:

    хороший мастер! приятно смотреть.

  26. Torbjörn Åhman says:

    +Fireworxs2012 1045 is cheaper, easier to get hold of, forge and heat

  27. Jef Bob says:

    If u need a hammer to forge a hammer who forged the first hammer and how 

  28. Smiley Tats says:

    Ok I’m blowin on kush while watching this so this is the greatest video ive
    ever seen. Just one question homie..did u make all the tools you used to
    make this hammer? If so awesome…

  29. Sam Falzone says:

    I found some great videos on YouTube – this is one and I’ll post the
    others. The smith’s name is Torbjorn Ahman – the videos are just demo (no
    talking) but the style and captions more than make up for the lack of
    speaking. He demos the WHOLE process – in the parts where the work is just
    repetition, he speeds up the video so you still see all the steps ( …just
    faster) instead of cutting away and just seeing the end result – some of
    the best videos I’ve found. Granted he does do a lot of the heavy work work
    with a power hammer, but it is easy to duplicate the process with a friend
    striking with a sledge hammer.
    This hammer video brings up great memories because I have a rounding hammer
    similar to the one he makes that I actually made with Brian Brazeal. He
    came up to Ontario a few years back to do a weekend hammer workshop with
    our blacksmith association (Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association). I got
    to actually pair up with Brian to make my hammer, but we did it without
    power hammers – all hand work. I’ve never swung a 13lb sledge hammer for so
    long in my life but I loved every second of it (I was so sore afterwards).
    That hammer is now my pride and joy ( … I call it Binky).
    Anyway, enjoy the videos and definitely, save them to your own playlists –
    they are definitely worth the watch

  30. Tjita1 says:

    Hejaren måste varit guds gåva till smeden nån gång på vattenhjulets tid…

  31. MrPafleouf says:

    i’d love to know forging as you do ! This is ever so cool to watch, and
    trying to learn just by watching !
    This hammer is beautiful !

  32. Patrick Wojciechowski says:

    I Loved it!!!! I was a fellow Metal worker myself, I worked in the
    Foundries and Machine Shops for almost 20 Years and til this day
    reministing on some of the memories of doing Metal work and watching people
    do it as wellas learning new tricks of the trade, it still amazes meon some
    of the Chemistry and formationing of objects from Liquid Fire to solid
    Metal and then forming or “Forging” and Object into something is so
    beautifully done, people should really learn to appreciate somwething like
    this because even though it flows so beautilfully it is not that simple

  33. uberLejoe says:

    That awkward moment when you accidentally forge weld your punch to your
    hammer blank.

  34. Heuzier Daddee says:

    Torbjorn, I have neither a power hammer, nor a striker. Do you think it
    would be possible to do the fullers on that hammer with a top and bottom
    spring setup?

  35. Jaaq Ess says:

    If hammers make hammers, what made the first hammer?

  36. Matthew Saanum says:

    Subscribed and enjoy all the videos! This is an excellent hammer build!

  37. Jim Turman says:

    excellent hammer and damn fine video to boot. Thank you for taking the time
    to make and share both.

  38. HartfordHD125 says:

    Just love your videos. So informative. And these wonderful techniques have
    been practised for centuries, but have also provided a crucial link to the
    modern world.

  39. Igor Čiča says:

    how my people make pickaxe

  40. adam anthoni says:

    Pay for a round trip from the USA to Sweden and back and I would love to
    forge hammers with you!

  41. Aleksey Svishchov says:

    Great job! I wonder what is the weight of this power hammer’s falling part.
    Gonna construct my own of scrap stuff I have nearby))

  42. marco spagnoli says:

    Great job and great video !

  43. RedlegGaming says:

    Just started watching your videos today and was wondering, how long does
    something like this take from start to finish? 

  44. VicariousReality7 says:

    Seems like a bad idea to make the eye before rounding one end

  45. Nerfeel says:

    Amizing hammer, mate and what a wonderful video! Very informative, it’s
    nice to see excellent quality european (metric system, yes!) bleacksmithing
    videos, finally! I have seen all your videos, great channel Torbjörn, keep
    forging and please keep making videos!

  46. mike griffis says:

    very nice work!!! thanks for doing the video

  47. metalmattm says:

    Man, seeing how this trade is as great as it is, i wonder if there is a
    blacksmithing society where everyone makes their own tools, then passes on
    the tools they used to someone else that wants to learn the trade, so they
    can learn to make their own tools. Then pass them on again. And the person
    who would pass on tools that were too worn, they would be the ones to make
    new tools to pass on. Sounds like a cool Sibling-hood to me.

  48. PingasMonkey3rdClass says:

    Remember to quench your wedges and punches or else they’ll soften and warp

  49. Fridgemusa says:

    This all seems kind of pointless really!

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