MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

Music video by MC Hammer performing U Can’t Touch This.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

  1. Axel Olaf says:

    MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This:

  2. Miguel Ramirez says:

    Q recuerdos. Esa si es musica para mis oidos quien baila cvon migo

  3. Jase Edwards says:

    Quite right… I’m too fragile!! Lol

  4. Squibbums says:

    0:19 can anybody please tell me where you can get those pants? Not in those
    bright colors though

  5. Sifaklas Terzis says:

    Things i wanna do before i die:
    – Touch MC Hammer
    – Walk into Mordor
    – Find out who the fuck let the dogs out

  6. Ducky Tavros says:

    Name of the song?

  7. Bre Sye says:

    This song got him millions of dollars and yet, he still went broke. Smh,
    you have one of the most famous songs probably ever and you went broke :(

  8. FigureGunplaFan says:

    KSI Worker: What did you touch!?
    Shane Dyson: Uhhh….
    Bumblebee: “plays 0:45-0:47″

  9. enjoyusandhavefun says:

  10. Clair Drochner says:


  11. Samantha MacDormott says:

    i love this song!

  12. Caitlyn Anderson says:

    Love this song! This my shit!!!!!!

  13. Monix Xa says:

    MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This:

  14. Randel Jagasar says:

    dude whats up with the baggy pants

  15. Luciano Melli says:

    E della serie la Tamarrata Quotidiana non potevamo certo perderci un rapper
    del genere… de gustibus..
    MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This:

  16. Nico Lavalette says:

    Can’t touch what ?

  17. abdalla mustafa says:

    U Can’t Touch This

  18. vito guasco says:

    MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This:

  19. NoLimit2MyCashMoney says:

    Shid from the looks of it the IRS already touched this, that and everything

  20. La X Más Música says:

    Más clásicos del hip hop en Mañanas X con – MC
    Hammer – ‘U Can’t Touch This’:

  21. Silva Maninho says:


  22. Lawrence Cook says:

    Back when music videos were literally just people dancing to the music.

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