MC Hammer – Turn This Mutha Out

MC Hammer – Turn This Mutha Out.
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  1. Eric Jackson says:


  2. dozierc says:

    Say what you say, you dawned the hammer pants or at least tried to do the
    running man. Hammer was the man when he was out there. 

  3. bigmike1973ful says:

    man i was a hardcore nwa,too short fan and i.even jammed mc hammer hahaha 

  4. Andrew Salerno says:

    That Apache break though… <3 

  5. Larry Grady says:

    MC Hammer – Turn This Mutha Out:

  6. Neckbonekat says:

    Best song he ever made before he sold out.

  7. ladi lene charlene says:

    Yes im still a fan!!! When music was about dancing and having fun.

  8. Naj Kemetica says:

    tha funniest part has to be when Roger from Accounting, snuck in tha video
    at 4:26..I’m still laughin..

  9. Spoonie G says:

    Jay Z and Kayne West are today’s MC Hammer!! The business side…

  10. Nashoba Lusa says:

    That move he does at 3:39 defies all principles of physics and has
    perplexed me for YEARS.. It’s like what Morpheus said in The Matrix: “Some
    rules can be bent…while others can be broken.” That’s a baaaaaaad man.

  11. Shane M. Chavez says:


  12. Aaron Robbins says:

    This my shit

  13. Amun KC says:

    I love all the videos back when Oaktown’s 357 were still his dancers!
    Terrible T and Sweet L.D. always killed it!

  14. aaron t says:

    one of the best beats ever!

  15. JOHN GLASPER says:

    MC Hammer – Turn This Mutha Out:

  16. montia stevenson says:

    MC Hammer – Turn This Mutha Out:

  17. D. Jackson II says:

    Hammer was/is a huge cornball…but I love this song/video. I wasn’t even
    a fan, but but I got roped into going to one of his concerts, and he put on
    a great show.

  18. Coko Criss says:

    This was the music for sure. That Oakland rap sound. Now MC Hammer is a
    preacher in the Bay area. I’m still saying “please Hammer don’t hurt ’em
    even some 20-plus years later.

  19. Sheila McFarland says:

    2014 and this song will still get an ole skool party crunk!

  20. saxophone says:

    Hammer said I am original you are digital that’s what you got today in
    music digital

  21. Coko Criss says:

    Flavor Flav back in the old school days before he got so gross and got with
    Bridgit Nielsen. 

  22. TKF says:

    Is there any doubt Prime MC Hammer dances Chris Brown-Usher-Micheal Jackson
    and probably James Brown off the dance floor

  23. 1969madame says:

    I’m a hardcore MJ fan, but I was with Hammer from the beginning. Gotta love

  24. robert mikinka says:

    Might not of been the best rapper but he sure could dance. West Coast Repin

    #music #hiphop

  25. Willie Metoyer says:

    to bad their is no one to turn it out any more

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