AVENGERS 2 Age of Ultron Movie Clip “Lifting Thor’s Hammer”

AVENGERS 2 Age of Ultron  Movie Clip

Iron Man and Captain America try to lift Tho’s HAMMER ! ☆Sub NOW ▻ http://bit.ly/TRAiLERS ☆ Join us on Facebook ▻http://facebook.com/OnlyBlockbusters ☆ More Avengers 2 Videos HERE…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to AVENGERS 2 Age of Ultron Movie Clip “Lifting Thor’s Hammer”

  1. Paine Yang says:

    Let me guess. Ultron beats the crap out of everyone and takes them all out
    and Captian America is the only one left standing and then is able to pick
    up Thor’s hammer and avenge his fallen Avengers….???

  2. Aubatron says:

    Anyone else have multiple nerdgasms? 

  3. illusion466 says:

    I like how everyone argues about the logic of Thors hammer, and no one
    wants to propose that because it’s enchanted by the magic of a God, it will
    just do what ever it damn well pleases whenever it damn well pleases.

  4. Nate Patterson says:

    The hammer doesn’t break the table though which means that the magic weight
    doesn’t affect nonliving things. So Jarvis, piloting one of the Iron Man
    suits would technically be able to wield Thor’s hammer.

  5. Henry Renkert says:

    No fair, Ultron! We didn;t get to see if Banner/Hulk could pick up Thor’s
    hammer. :(

  6. Spock vs Khan Trek Rey Texas says:

    Someone who could lift Thor’s hammer! His name is Clark Kent!

  7. Beast Boy says:

    So Cap’s shield gets broken then when Ultron thinks he has beaten the
    Avengers, Cap picks up thor’s hammer then beats up Ultron??????? So based
    on my prediction, Cap doesn’t need any of the avengers because he is super
    human, and he can posses the power of Thor because he can pick up Thor’s

  8. zaiato kurosaki says:

    Shouldn’t Steve been able to pick the hammer up he has all the quality s
    needed to do it, but in the trailer it only slightly budges, you don’t
    think that’s how they will end the movie do you him spontaneously picking
    up Mjolnir and beating everyone. on a side note did you see Thors face when
    the hammer moved, he was like well now I have to kill you there can be only

  9. Moaning Moriarty says:

    Man I consider myself an Avengers fan, but I’ve only seen the movies. I
    really want to read the comics, but it’s a bit of an expensive hobby. Any
    suggestions on how to get the comics cheaper anyone?
    (by the way, if anyone is going to piss and moan about how I’m a “fake fan”
    please save your breath. I know that people who have read the comics are
    bigger fans than me.I understand how annoying it is for people to claim
    themselves as “just as big fans” when they’re really just movie fans. I see
    it all the time with Hunger Games, TFIOS, Divergent…)

  10. Luis Aparicio says:

    Thanos can break captain Americas shield right cause he just bitch slaped
    it and it broke lol so tht might be thanos tht broke the shield at the end

  11. Tony Tang says:

    so lemme guess. Thor’s hammer (scientifically sppeaking) is wayyyy heavier
    than heart itself. No one could lift it up but a table can withstand thor’s
    hammer? logic please? 

  12. MichaelLeroi says:

    I love Thor’s face when Steve budges the hammer XD

  13. Daniel Hammond says:

    AVENGERS 2 Age of Ultron Movie Clip “Lifting Thor’s Hammer”

  14. Sonidos De Poesías says:

    who was the fast guy they showed???

  15. eraldorh says:

    The guy from the blacklist aka the voice of ultron…. perfect choice that
    voice is awesome for the part.

  16. traven64 says:

    Ittl be so cool..for the avengers have a post credit scene in the destroyed
    avengers tower..or severely damaged one..and for them to just be sitting
    around the table and couch…and then thor has his hammer on the table..and
    you get a Stan lee cameo..where Stan lees a janitor in avengers tower..and
    he’s cleaning the table..and he picks up Thor’s hammer to clean under it
    and puts it back down…..and then everybody just gets the biggest mindfuck
    of all time….

  17. Alex Cazabon says:

    Well after all Thor’s hammer weighs 400 million metric tonnes which weighs
    more than all of humanity

  18. Fierce Deity says:

    I really hope War Machine makes an appearance in this movie aside from just
    this scene. I HATED IronMan3 due to what they did to Rhodes. IronMan2
    will always be my favorite Marvel film until they come out with Avengers
    West, Dark Reign, or any other stand-alone War Machine film. 

  19. Winston S. says:

    Well, from this trailer alone… I can guarantee one thing:

    Captain America will not be lifting Thor’s hammer.

    How do we know this?

    Because that would be an opportunity for Marvel (Disney) to make a crap ton
    of money. Why would they waste THAT premise or scene on a movie that
    already has the nerds jizzing in their pants?

    It’s a teaser, guys. It’s not going to happen. Not in THIS movie, anyway.
    Maybe at the end of whatever story arc they’re building. But not in this
    movie. You need to learn how businesses make money off of things like
    this. You know – like how in Iron Man Rhodes says the lines, “Next time.”
    as he looks at the Iron Man suit? They put this stuff in a movie on
    purpose to make you want to see it. And then when they don’t put it in the
    movie they tease it in, they show you the trailer for the NEXT movie with a
    scene where Cap is wielding the hammer. And then you see that and you go
    ape shit because “DUDE I GOTTA SEE THAT!!”

    This movie will be a cliffhanger of an ending. I guarantee it. And by the
    end of it, we’ll think Captain America is dead. And we’ll probably go
    through the entire 3rd movie thinking Cap is dead, but then at the very
    end, he shows up, lifts the hammer, and saves everyone.

    THAT’S how you sell movies.

  20. Deniz Apfeltasche says:

    Can someone tell me who these two guys are at 1:29 behind Ultron?

  21. RichYan33 says:

    Tell me why Tony Stark wouldn’t be worthy? His origin story in Iron Man is
    very similar to Thor’s story from the first film. He was kind of an asshole
    who learned how to be a hero and put other people ahead of himself. They
    aren’t that different. 

  22. jabbaovbd4 says:

    question: are quicksilver and scarlet witch magneto kids i watched an
    animated episode where they were..

  23. Daniel Hammond says:

    AVENGERS 2 Age of Ultron Movie Clip “Lifting Thor’s Hammer! Must watch this
    after seeing the clip at the beginning lol

  24. Elizabeth perkins says:

    Captain America can kick anyone’s ass any day mother fuckers show no
    disrespect cause if it wasn’t for him and Red Skull those guys wouldn’t be
    there… js…

    Steve is half way a god i guess thats how he noved it lol.

  25. Nicholas White says:

    Let the predictions begin.
    First off I can smell the foreshadowing in that starting bit.
    Ultron is gonna beat the snot out of all the avengers and separate Thor
    from his hammer.
    He is gonna laugh and say that thing was the only thing they had that could
    beat him.
    Cap is gonna pick it up and be like “Woo! Eat ma doodle bitch!” (Okay maybe
    not that EXACT line but hey…)
    Cap is gonna beat the shit out of Ultron yadda yadda BOOM queue AC/DC song
    Roll credits
    After credits scene

  26. MrProTechHD says:


  27. Dima Savova says:

    When he was hitting the phone with the hammer, I was feeling like he’s
    hitting me….

  28. TechRax says:

    iPhone 6 Hammer & Knife Test!

  29. Imogen James says:

    Ooh, look at the screen I love the designs 🙂 AS IF ANYBODY IN THIER RIGHT

  30. Mike Smith says:

    You fucking moron, do you realise how much of a prick that video makes you
    look? What the hell is it supposed to prove? You really need to get a life
    mate and stop doing shit like that. Next time instead of mashing an
    expensive phone give the money to charity and do something worthwhile for a

  31. FURinTeeth says:

    send me a fucking I-phone instead of destroying one!!!! 

  32. Not Nero says:

    Apple isnt bad at making the phone and the software good. they are bad at
    making there phones durable and stuff

  33. Warrior Fox AJ says:

    1 word STUPID!!!! and people who are going to say “dont be such a hater”

  34. Rain Nguyen says:

    You are extremely stupid:) if you have enough money to buy phones and
    destroy them like this why not donate to families who can’t even afford a

  35. Jenniveve Grason says:

    THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!! I saw a programme the other day on TV about how
    Apple products are made and you just take this for granted and smash up
    phones.i don’t have an iPhone but if I did I certianly would not smash it

  36. Paul Jacobs says:

    Lame…….. Do the iPhone 6 Tank Test…… Strap it to the front of the
    cannon barrel and pull the trigger……. If you are gonna waste a
    perfectly good phone on video, you might as well make it entertaining.

  37. Dj Taylor says:

    How do you manage to buy all these i phones?

  38. jheimer1290 says:

    How do you get money to buy brand new iPhones and then destroy them?

  39. Suomalainen CoC says:

    some peapol eat their own shot cause the dont have money to buy food but
    you break 600$ phones whit your hamer

  40. Bella Bergmann says:

    Well at least it didn’t explode like the S5:P

  41. Beauty Bae112 says:

    you cickhead there is a difference between tapping and sliding 

  42. Anish Patchipala says:

    How many iPhones are you going to waste… You’ve wasted like 5 already

  43. Adrian Gomez says:

    This is why iphone are always garbage. A.k.a the junkyard phone. Its just
    crap. Galaxy s5 always

  44. Felix N says:

    And who in the world would sit and saw their phone for fun? Eh like not
    many people..

    I understand keys and such, but OBVIOUSLY the phone will brake if you
    hammer it, and obviously it will scratch if you use a knife on it?

    No one does this, so why are you doing it like this is something people do?

    Just walk with the phone in a pocket full of keys and coins for a day, that
    would’ve been more realistic, I mean, ain’t no one walking around with a
    self stabbing knife in their pockets?

  45. TheHoga TheViga says:

    He is Bill gate or Steve job son

  46. Iva Koren says:

    the hell is wrong with you? destroying a good phone like that? If you have
    extra money, don’t be an ass to do this, donate it to charity.. 

  47. Patrick Lee says:

    I didn’t see him turn the phone on

  48. paul morales says:

    You just beat the phone with a hammer WHI WOULD DO THIS IN REALITY WTF

  49. Cranium Guy says:

    Why destroy it! Kids in africa couldve eatin that!

  50. Carlos Claros says:

    I hate these people who comment about kids in Africa and shit like that.
    It’s getting boring and nobody cares about them. Most of us are in the USA
    and not in Africa. And I’m pretty sure those kids in Africa don’t GIVE A

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