tool bit grinding.completed mpeg 12.9.08.mpg

How to grind a 60 degree right handed tool bit specifically for working up tight against a chuck and a live center. Used for the students to learn at the ban…
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6 Responses to tool bit grinding.completed mpeg 12.9.08.mpg

  1. Dorian Charles says:

    this surely clarify some of my uncertainties of holding the bit correctly

  2. Blong Lor says:

    thanks for the video. 

  3. Alvin Z says:

    Donald I think it’s a dmt 6 inch sharpening diamond stone

  4. Michael Stedman says:

    Oooo, sparks!

  5. Donald R. Cossitt says:

    What are you using for a honing stone?

  6. Tony Montana says:

    Thanks for the video. It helped in areas I was unsure of.

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