MACHINE SHOP TIPS #98 Grinding a Lathe Threading Tool tubalcain

Tubalcain demonstrates how to grind a 60 degree threading tool. Two methods–free hand & with a grinding jig.

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  1. jose gonzalez says:

    hoy es mañana

  2. jose gonzalez says:


  3. abukamoon says:

    Very well done video explaining how to grind thread tooling. I am not a
    machinist, and this explains the process very clearly. One question, it
    seems that a tool used to cut 20 tpi should have a smaller radius at the
    tip than one used to cut 60 tpi, If you were going to cut 20 or even 13
    threads per inch, wouldn’t you put a larger radius on the tip? I don’t
    think you would want a sharp point on the minor diameter.

  4. ExtantFrodo2 says:

    Very nice. I would have milled the bottom side of the jig because I can’t
    change the angle of the tool rest on my grinder.

  5. Eli Duttman says:

    Sir: Forgive me if I err in digging through memories more than 50 years
    old. I recall a machine shop teacher telling us that those angled tool
    holders spared us the chore of grinding a 20 degree back rake into turning
    and facing bits.

    I was NOT a good machinist and only too glad to get a mandatory class under
    my belt.

    Eli D.

  6. tommy thompson says:

    I have watched a lot of your videos. I got a logan 10 inch lathe and have
    been turning a lot of steel into chips. I have a little round tool for
    making threads, and no matter wha I did, I could not make a good thread. I
    gave up, and ground one. Night and day difference, the threads now are
    acceptable, and they were horrible before. So thanks for what you do. You
    explain thing better than anyone, I really appreciate it. Tom

  7. mary gage says:

    Is it possible to purchase your machine shop series on dvd? If so can you
    let me know the cost. Thank you and have a great day.

  8. Jon G. says:

    It took me forever to get it right in class! Wish I had a jig. lol

  9. Aftab I Mamdapur says:

    thanks for the refrance

  10. Chris Murray says:

    Internal threading tool has a more severe rake angle or chip breaker

  11. nisw1918 says:

    thanks gave you a thumbs up please return the favor

  12. AsiAzzy says:

    Also on the method I’m, using: A disc sander and a cross slide vice clamped
    to the sander table and I just run it at an angle and push the tool into
    the disc. (I have active water cooling on this sander – it’s for preparing
    surfaces for microscope so active cooling, 12″ buffing and sanding wheels,
    lapping compounds, nital bath at the finish, all without overheating that
    destroys the surface crystals on the metal.)

  13. robimr says:


  14. xB1GKILLERX says:

    gr8t video thats a easy tool to grind hard one 4 me is the inside Threading

  15. Stewart Holmes says:

    Hello sir, i loved this video, i actually did this at work and it worked
    great, anyways are you ok, you haven`t uploaded for a while and im a little
    concerned, yours, Stewart

  16. Ben Rogerson says:

    Great video sir! I’ve been looking for a simple jig to sharpen lathe tools.

  17. asmiter says:

    Thank you for making the video.

  18. Robby Kanarr says:

    Im 13th and I can do it

  19. MasMember says:

    Da hat einer Ahnung was! Vorallem die Fachbegriffe wie “is ein bischen
    anders”. Hochleistungsschnittstahl erleidet bei bestimmten Temperaturen
    eine Gefügeveränderung, weil sie ursprünglich bei ca. 500-600 °C angelassen
    wurden, und verliert so an Härte! Außer hier hat eine mehr Ahnung als
    Doktoranden und Profs!

  20. A.H. Shukry says:

    Say Hello to Jordan from Egypt !

  21. Shawn Hawkins says:

    Is there any difference in geometry for an inside threading tool?

  22. gohuskies583 says:

    @GK1918 I was having the same trouble using my I pad 2. I downloaded google
    chrome and am using it for you tube videos rather than safari.

  23. Dan Peacock says:

    Thanks for the videos this has gave me a idea I have a radial arm saw and a
    metal cutting disk hmmm. Keep up the great info Mr. Pete

  24. Opinionator52 says:

    I wonder how many 16 year old gamers are leaving their game long enough to
    learn these valuable techniques? :o] O,,,

  25. Denis Renaud says:

    Mr Pete, this is a great working jig. I have never been able to grind a
    nice looking threading tool until I made your jig. I ended up making 2 of
    them, 5/16 and 3/8. Thanks for the valuable information.

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