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Tool Reconditioning Fits Nicely with Lean Manufacturing
Reproducing the original cutting edge profile, without affecting the temper of the steel, is a true science and requires a technician with vast knowledge of grinding techniques and equipment, as well as an extensive knowledge of the various …
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Watch: Ke$ ha Talks Electrocuting Her Vagina On 'Conan'
"I wanted to take power tools and show sparks and magic," she told the ginger-haired host. "Then at this one show, I was in Werchter, I got electrocuted while I was grinding on my vagina and it was super scary and intense, and people thought I was …
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Inside the Twisted World of Competitive Pokemon Battling
Investing all of those points in one stat could result in massive improvements, but at the expense of a lot of grinding. See? Not complicated at all. … Not that the competitive Pokemon community wasn't developing a few tools of their own. Needing to …
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