Grinding Metal: How to Select the Right Tool for the Job – Kevin Caron

From – Artist Kevin Caron has an arsenal of tools for grinding. He shares his favorites, including power and pneumatic tools (air tools) and angle grinders. See more…
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16 Responses to Grinding Metal: How to Select the Right Tool for the Job – Kevin Caron

  1. ibrahim alalaty says:

    i really like the small belt sander 🙂 and need to buy it

  2. skipwadoo says:

    I have a problem not knowing what size compressor is needed for a pneumatic
    grinder. If you use a 90deg pneumatic small one hand grinder to sharpen a
    shovel blade. What size compressor would you think I need. I would rather
    not over buy or under buy.

  3. Anthony Pursell says:

    I am needing to remove metal fence posts from concrete (leaving the
    concrete intact). I was told to use a grinder. Do you suggest a grinder
    with a masonry wheel or is there another suggestion?

  4. C Crosby says:

    Whew. Lots of toys…er…tools to choose from. Going from a 4-1/2″ angle
    grinder to a 7″ with comparable flap-disc was darn amazing as the weight of
    the 7″ one did a lot of the work for me. Less effort and faster results,
    nice. Add in the slew of disc choices… Variety is good to have. 🙂

  5. paulb929 says:

    interesting tutorial, i like the videos you make from emails people send u
    asking about tools you use and ur own self taught professional opinion
    thanks again kevin.

  6. Kevin Caron says:

    Very good points!! Thank you for posting…..

  7. The Edmar Abrasive Company says:

    there is also the option of using DiamondX tools to eliminate the abrasive
    dust. DiamondX is a special diamond grit wheel designed for metal cutting
    and grinding. There is more info on this blog —

  8. kazl1m says:

    I remember all the uses I found for the die grinder I had. Wore it out. Now
    I am learning all the things I can do with my angle grinder. Great video!

  9. Kevin Caron says:

    @kazl1m Next week I am talking about die grinders and air tools so be sure
    to check back. Thanks for posting.

  10. Kevin Caron says:

    @paulb929 We shot two videos that day. Check back for part 2 next week.
    Thanks for checking in..

  11. Kevin Caron says:

    I think that’s the right number.

  12. Kevin Caron says:

    I wii go check them out! Thanks for posting!!

  13. FeloniousThunk says:

    Air vs electric… When metal dust is involved, air is prefered because it
    blows the dust away and the tool is not harmed. Electric tools get metal
    under the brushes and in the bearings, and that can cause them wear out
    quickly. Same goes for concrete, stone, or any abrasive dust producing
    material. At other times, air tools are prefered when the ignition of
    flamable materials is a concern. Obviously, with metal grinding, flamable
    materials must be avoided anyway 🙂

  14. arrowwebtech says:

    Is that 3/8″ belt grinder Makita 9032?

  15. Kevin Caron says:

    it’s more a question of cubic feet per minute than “Size”. I would look for
    a minimum of 3cfm and a working pressure of 125 to 150 psi. A 10 to 15
    gallon tank should do all you will need for a long time… Great question!!

  16. arrowwebtech says:

    That’s a very useful tool, gonna grab one of those, thank you for the info!

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