Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production

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9 Responses to Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production

  1. Walt Rosado says:

    Does this video discuss monetary cost of equipment, permits, etc?

  2. Rodney Little says:

    wonder what the neighbors think?

  3. Al Faraji Oil & Diesel Trading & Distribution says:

    Petroleum Drilling Procedure

  4. Žiga Škrjanc says:

    Probably great video! There’s no purchase for personal or student? It’s
    quite a lot of money for buying it myself..

  5. syed nadeem uddin says:

    great video likes it

  6. Sakura Bibo says:

    500$ to purchase… i wanna buy it :O

  7. jun jhenlyn annie says:

    good info.. thanks

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