Machining 101: How to drill a square hole at home without special tools.

How did this get a million views?! Make your own homemade broaching tool for “drilling” perfectly square holes in steel. In this case we are using it as a tool holder on a milling machine…
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Cable tool Drilling Method.

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  1. AvE says:

    And the Troll-of-the-Month award goes to:

    john saunders

    “Lol. Moron. Try 300 x velocity divided by diameter .i.e. 300 x v/d. And
    that’s a cheep hss drill bit, not a carbide. If he could afford carbide
    bits, hid have to be a complete moron to spend money on one, and not on a
    proper broach!
    BTW, I have trade papers as sheetmetal worker, boiler maker, tool maker,
    have pressure welding tickets in mig, tig and stick welding,aa Adv Diploma
    in Mech Enginnering and Diploma in Electrical Engineering. And am studying
    teaching, to become Trade Teacher, due to Two spinal injuries in work
    places, So I am pretty sure that qualifies me to sort the Shit from the

  2. Tom Tee says:

    How many RPM you reckon that drill is turning? Close to the speed of light.

  3. tttrrroooyyy says:

    What’s with all these ignorant Joe handymen that are so confident in
    telling a machinist how to drill a hole properly? You people wouldn’t know
    how to calculate the ideal RPM even if you knew what the drill bit and
    material were. In this application a carbide drill bit shouldn’t use
    coolant and should turn at 2-3K RPM. There’s no chatter and it’s making
    good chips but you never saw chips smoke in your high school shop so the
    professional must be wrong.

  4. Darth Teabagger says:

    i have a broach that i use to scratch my balls when they’re itchy, i made
    it myself.

  5. Bonnie Flory says:

    I am still waiting how YOU DRILL A SQUARE HOLE like your title said.

  6. TheDarthJesus says:

    0:30 “There’s many ways to skin a cat”
    That’s disgusting, I’m done with this video.

  7. purge98 says:

    Do your neighbours hate you because of the noise you make?

  8. Andy Jones says:

    At the risk of sounding extremely stupid here…

    Why did you hear the broach up if it was too snug? Surely this would just
    make the broach larger due to the metal expanding? 

  9. macaco logo says:

    what is call filing a hole 

  10. Momodou Semega-Janneh says:

    How to drill a square hole Check out this video on YouTube: 

  11. texasbmx246 says:

    How did you get the hole to come out level?

  12. AvE says:

    Hi guys! I built a press to do more broaching. Hex and spline DIY broaches
    coming up! How to build a 100 ton Press for machining, broaching, punching
    and forming

  13. Eric jones says:

    Why heat up the broach? It will expand.

  14. wettosixecho says:

    you need cutting oil and a slower speed jesus

  15. flack youe says:

    too bad you don’t have access to a surface grinder, then you could just
    cupwheel the broach onto round high speed steel with 1 degree back taper
    (tool is wider in front and thins out towards the shank.) you have to have
    an indexing head too though, 4 flats 90 degrees apart. good nigger rig
    though. like it.

  16. Robert Grosser says:

    You are running the drill bit way too fast !!!

  17. David Gouin says:

    Dude when god was handing out patients I think I was taking a dump because
    I have NONE!!!

  18. Sam Baaj says:

    But all I have is a hammer. Can I still do it?

  19. lawrence kilby says:

    I’ve never read so many harsh comments on something thats not even
    controversial. Machinists and fab men/women are
    problem solvers, makers and generally choose to be helpful. As such, being
    an insulting asshole is not really a personality trait they possess. You
    neg commenters are showing your hand. Someone mentioned stressing the
    vise…really? do you even own tools? Hey, thanks AvE for taking the time
    to post the vid and getting the job done.
    Skinning cats? they simply fall into the 4-10 lb critter method.

  20. Kimberly Peacock says:

    Astroglide was developed originally for cooling and lubricating on the
    space shuttle.

  21. Tony Tran says:

    That’s so amazing! Thank you very much for sharing.

  22. john saunders says:

    BTW, drilling, machining, tapping e.t.c. of all materials have formula to
    calculate the CORRECT, tool or material rotation speeds. Drilling and
    machining is 300 x v/d Or the correct velocity of the material divided by
    either the diameter of the drill or cutter, or work piece if lathe turning,
    and multiply by 300. Correct material velocities are taught at trade
    school, can be found in engineering publications, or if your lucky, a wall
    chart from your local black woods or specialty tool shop. But then again
    this dude obviously hasn’t been to one of these, as he could have bought a
    proper broach

  23. Leonardo Garcia says:

    This mothafucker said no special tools…. Thats all ur using special tools

  24. ka7wyf says:

    wow…… really? i know way more than u obviously. holy shit man cutting
    oil. speed? wtf? 

  25. EletrikRidesAgain says:

    You: 1. Troll: 0. Nice vid

  26. Hedman Drilling says:

    Another day on the rig!

  27. bucyruserie22w says:

    Great video Im a 4th genertion cable tool driller from Ohio

  28. fudgebarjohn says:

    I’m a Petroleum Engineering student and have watched a few of your vids to
    learn about drilling. Thanks!

  29. DandoDrilling says:

    A good summary of the technique!

  30. sprcub says:

    wow I accidently ran across this video man I spent a few hundred hours on a
    cable tool rig I never actually drilled a well with a cable tool rig we
    used a mud rotary a failing anyway we used the 55 speedstar for drilling
    out older well casings to clean out 4 and 5 inch steel wells and we also
    had a 71 speedstar i believe but that was what dad and grampa used to drill
    the wells grampa bought the first rotary back in the fiftys but never
    really used it he sure liked his cable tool

  31. yournomanlady says:

    i find this very interesting as i had a new well drilled by a machine like
    this. 60 ft down crystal clear water.if i ever need another well this is
    the way to go,

  32. ahhhsome says:

    I’ve drilled to 460′ with a 22W. North of Toronto, Ontario. 6″ casing.
    There weren’t any viable layers. Finished in black gravel. 50-60 gpm if I
    recall correctly. That was about 10 years ago. Great well, I’m proud of
    that one.

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