Lancope's StealthWatch 6.4 Battles More than Just Stealth IT

Lancope's StealthWatch 6.4 Battles More than Just Stealth IT
This is a chore often handled by cobbling together a bandolier of utilities, tools and applications, often an inefficient methodology not just for combating, but for even detecting threats lurking inside the network. The real trick is to obtain …
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Your tutor is a computer
Online planning tools like those offered by MyBlueprint or Naviance help counsellors and students organize the questions they have about the student's future – what should I do, what should I study, how much will it cost, is it for me? Ms. Lloyd's and …
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US EPA's 2014 RFS volume draft proposal misses the boat
… to put the new, on-the-scene shale oil, tar sands, frack-sands and other toxic wastes that are now being pumped into the EPA's domain from Alberta and other places,” said Peter Brown, co-founder of biodiesel equipment provider International …
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BB Trade kitchens install Morbidelli CNC nesting cell
Tools are taken by the powerful 12HP routing head with variable 1500 – 24,000rpm spindle speeds from the rear 10-station tool changer. Nesting of the component panels takes place swiftly and at the end of the routing cycle, the F26 Drilling Unit (18 …
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