Who Builds The Best Axe? You’ll Be Surprised

Who Builds The Best Axe? You'll Be Surprised

Can a axe cut and split wood as well as a 0 axe? Today Wranglerstar puts three axes to the ultimate test. You may be surprised who comes out on top. T…
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25 Responses to Who Builds The Best Axe? You’ll Be Surprised

  1. ipissed says:

    The axe with the loose handle just needs another wedge driven in the top,
    or use a tool to act as a nail set to drive the one in it further down. I
    wouldn’t pay the shipping to have the manufacturer fix it.

  2. Douglas E Knapp says:

    Can’t say I read all 1500 comments but no one said anything about holding
    an edge. A cheap axe will go dull much faster than a great one and a cheep
    one might not be possible to get really sharp in the first place, if the
    metal sucks. My question is what axe is best for making bows?

  3. aussiearu says:

    Wow, 300$ and it fails on the first day, shinny and expensive isn’t always
    better. 40$ Husqvarna anyone?

  4. ScienceofSurvival says:

    Pine is way too soft, try eucalyptus for a challenge

  5. evilassaultweaponeer says:

    Who pays $300 for an axe?

  6. richter75 says:

    Bill Helmuth in forest? wtf

  7. Philip Culbertson says:

    Cody, thought you would enjoy this video on the hand forging of an axe from
    1965. http://youtu.be/OvEUleqZoLc

  8. DXZ Z says:

    Harvest moon all over again

  9. DavenH says:

    Your aim is way off on the first one, a little better on the second, and
    you probably did 10 takes on the last one to make it perfect. Science hates

  10. cloride balls says:

    I would never buy an axe with a rounded off top. Go Swedish to get a
    reliable axe.

  11. EeBee51 says:

    Were these tested “off the shelf” or did you sharpen them first ?
    I have never seen an axe come from the factory with a decent edge.

  12. Kristyanna Virgona says:

    If you chop with an Axe every day you will want the best because it does
    the same stuff others do but takes less energy to do it which is Saving
    time and money!

  13. Kangsteri says:

    This is so wrong. You need to learn how to use the axe, and what is the
    difference between blade shapes. Those are all for differend use. Best axe
    you can get for cheap is Fiskars.

  14. SgtGrilletes says:

    If you want a temporary fix for your autine axe, I have a suggestion.
    Whenever my axe heads (wooden axe handles) are loose, I soak them in water.
    The water swells the wood to fit the head better. Two problems though, one
    is rust, the other is that you have to remember to put it in water.

  15. William Kennison says:

    In either the Olympics or Cascades people don’t realize that the difference
    between life and death can be accidentally coming across a hu get bear or
    cougar that hasn’t been able to hunt for awhile. When hunting season comes
    around personally I look into my freezer and if it is low then there are
    butcher diagrams running in the mountains. But the whole year it is Bill
    season IP there for many animals so yes I protect myself and those with me
    through vigilance and ONLY as a last resort my weapon.
    Nature is to be admired respected, conserved but always never

  16. t4705mb6 says:

    Impressive wood splitter
    crazy russian device (firewood)
    Unicorn Log Splitter
    Fastest Firewoood Splitter in the world!
    Redneck Log Splitter

  17. TheScarletTomato1 says:

    Wranglestar, I am thinking of buying an axe for mainly use on camping trips
    with my boy scout troop. I am looking for something that would be
    relatively multi purpose. Be able to cut and split but also chop finely
    for kindling and other such things. Is there any axe or manufacturer that
    you would recommend for that use that is relatively affordable? I am
    willing to spend money for a good one but not a crazy amount.

  18. RealBushMonkey says:

    I wonder why autine would round out the back of that axe head…kind of
    takes a lot of use/utility away from it

  19. The Guitar Whisperer says:

    The cheap one sucked. The most expensive one ruled. I’m so shocked! The
    results were SO surprising!

  20. TheTruthRock says:

    I axe a lot, it gets lose all the time just put nail on the top of the

  21. Chris Teed says:

    This guy is like lightning. He never hits the same place twice!

  22. Molund says:

    Why am I watching this.

  23. fiftypercentbanana says:

    Why are you vandalising those trees? Those are living things. 

  24. Matte Edström says:

    I would call the Granfors Bruk axe a better splitter, after 6 it did the
    job, the Autine axe needed som brute force after 6!

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